Masters of time?

Hello everyone, does anyone know anything about time masters? I read that they were working on some masters, whose mechanics were, at least what I saw, expand the power of a person’s ability where you could see a specific branch for said ability. My question is if that mechanic is going to be implemented (which to me I really liked it) and when would it be. Thank you

I’m not entirely sure I’m following your question.

But, Void Knights are the obvious ‘time masters’ because a number of their skills tweak time to a certain extent and utilize it as a tool. Anomaly and Volatile Reversal are the two biggees but even it’s other mastery skills have nodes that tinker with ‘time.’

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You’re lucky, I am entirely sure I am not following…

My best bet is that we are talking about masteries.
It includes “Masters”, happens in the End of “Time”, and could be said to “expand our power to use a specific branch”.
In that case, yes, it has been in game forever, you get that pretty early in the campaign.

If it is something else, sorry, never heard of it…


There’s also this:

But that’s just a suggestion, not something devs are working on.
As far as we know at least. :eyes: