Massive GPU load at Observatory(Circle of fortune base)

game runs fine on my 3070Ti, consistent 40% load and temps at 60°C, only goes up slightly in big messy fights with particles everywhere
but this place makes the GPU go crazy for some reason, load goes up to 90%+ temp shoots to 80°C+

Hi. Can you post your Settings please? I have an RTX 3070 (non ti) and my gpu load is always at 99%

I´m playing with 1440p res and Ultra Settings and FPS capped at 144.

My FPS are constandly jumping from 100+ to 30-40.
CoF Base FPS are around 40-55

I got this as well… my gpu junction temp is at about 57 degrees C anywhere in the game but in the observatory it goes to 84-85 degrees C. The gpu usage jumps from 10% to 40% there… am on ultra with fps capped on a 7900XTX

Same issue here, also on 3070ti. That’s pretty much the only area where, while doing nothing, the GPU jumps to 90%+ load and fans/temp go crazy.

For me, going from Ultra graphics settings to High graphics settings fixed the issue. Temps look normal… Maybe it’s some specific graphic settings that messes it up, but not gonna close in on which one, as long as it works i just let the master quality settings on high…

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