Massive fps drop

I’ve been playing the game for 1 week and i had fps drops time to time. But today is hardly playable, problem is my gpu usage is very low. In some areas gpu usage sits around %99 but sometimes it goes down to 30-40. Does anyone else having this kind of issue ?

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Yip… You are describing a known problem… Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to improve the stability… Not perfect but better than leaving it.

As you didnt provide your details or in-game settings or game logs, I’ll just suggest the usual fixes - they might not work depending on your specific setup but you may as well try…

As you have probably read on the forums, LE is still in Beta and has performance and stability issues so its best to be a little conservative when it comes to pushing the game to its limits in terms of resolution, fps and graphic quality. Even players with high end CPUs & sell your soul GPUS (30 series etc) struggle if they run a combination of high resolution high fps and any in-game graphic settings above Medium (Anything higher is proving to be unstable for very little visual benefit and lots of added instability)… Yes, they should be able to hardware wise, but LE in its current state gets very unstable when pushed.

The maxing out of the GPU - and the subsequent fps loss (and even crashing) seems to be mitigated by setting a lower framerate limit… If you leave it unlimited (especially with high res/high ingame settings), it seems LE will run away with the GPU for no apparent reason till it crashes or overheats and then crashes. The recommendation here is to limit it to something feasible… High end guys tend to keep this at max 120fps or so even if they should be able to go faster. The rest of us just keep it at 60

As to the FPS spikes… These happen in multiple instances - lots of mobs, lots of skill proc’ing with skill effects all over the screen (e.g. pulls & wipes), lots of minions with their skills proc;ing… Certain maps are also more likely to create these spikes than others… So there are two obvious solutions here… “see the spikes coming” and slow down your gameplay to prevent them or find a decent compromise in game resolution/fps/graphic quality that lets you get a high fps so that the spikes become an inconvienience rather than a “oh $$%% I died to to an fps spike”… I.e. drop from 100fps to 60 instead of 60 to 20…

If you have a higher end machine, its easier to “workaround the problem” than others but its still an irritation.

Obviously the devs know about these and we are all hoping that they will get to them sooner rather than later… Thankfully they have already made improvements in the 0.8 set of patches so we live in hope…


Oh yes… and unless you have oodles of system resources, anything running in background that can steal CPU & GPU resources can make the fps spikes much worse… i.e. dont watch a 4k video on the second monitor… :wink:

Last edit: Everyting is assuming that your system is patched OS and all drivers (not just graphics) are up to date and there are no underlying issues on your system.

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