Massive FPS drop on a relative good PC

Hello i have this setup:
AMD 5900x
AMD 6950XT
32Gb ram @3800 cl14

playing at 1440p all ultra im getting like 130fps max and then on top of that 40 fps drops(and a bit more sometimes) while playing necro and using certain spells.

im adressing this since MP is coming and having all that spell fiesta i wonder if even will be playable.

i will be at your disposal for any questions/doubts.

0.8.5f has some issues with higher end rigs running uncapped frame rates. We have made very large strides in this department for the next patch. In the meantime, we find that enabling streamer mode delivers a much more consistent play experience and vastly reduces fps drops, especially on higher end rigs.

Hey Mike, thank you for your reply,

just to let you know that i tried with vsync on, capping frames ( i tried at 170 and my refresh rate is 165) and tried uncapped, the results were the same. but tonight i will try the streamer mode and drop some feedback

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