Massive Desyncs.. looking for answers

So I am unsure how to explain this exactly but periodically while playing the game will stop working. What I mean by this is…

  1. My abilities no longer work but the start up animations still function and the abilitiy itself is invisible but still casts in the location where the desync began.
  2. Mana and HP still go up and down as if the game was functioning.
  3. Monsters still damage me but upon reaching 0 hp I die and they leave me alone but I am still able to run around freely.
  4. Monsters are also still killable if they were affected by a DoT. But they no longer drop loot.
  5. Loot that had dropped previously is no longer interactable. Any interactables also function this way.
  6. All menus are visible and accessable but you cannot allocate points or change any settings
  7. You cannot traverse zones and if you attempt to access a teleporter it will tell you its transferring you but never does… if you access it again and attempt to teleport to another location it changes the name as if it were still attempting to do so.
  8. Npc dialogues do not function nor do vendors.
  9. This happens in Both Solo AND multiplayer but occurs more frequently in multiplayer (with my multiplayer partner directly next to me on another rig.)
  10. If creatures are off screen but hit by a spell that was launched from wherever the desync began they will still aggro to me and kill me (resulting in me being dropped to 0 hp but still able to run around freely) but are invisible the entire time.
  11. Throughout all of this Chat still functions AND I am able to interact with it entirely. AND if in multiplayer I am able to watch my Multiplayer partner continue to play normally though the creatures no longer drop loot and will eventually turn in invisible to me entirely. And it won’t ever show a “connection lost” error. I can afk until it just kicks me off like it normally would for afking for an extended period of time.

Player.log (3.3 MB)

It happens every 15-20 minutes of gameplay and requires a complete session restart. I am have no other issues at all. No lag or graphical errors. The Desyncs are making the game very difficult to progress in.


I have this exact same bug. I reported it last March and came back today to see if I could play on my new PC, but this bug is still persisting.

Can we get some feedback here or be directed to some fixes? I’d really like to play this game.

Same issue on my paladin. In a solo play it happens less frequent, but in a multiplayer session almost after every 10-20 minutes a desync happens when my character is stuck in a place, but my friend is able to continue in the map. The only solution known to me when this happens is a relog and recreation of the session.

Same issue here also, submitted numerous bug reports, and tried contacting support for this issue, and not getting anywhere. so im trying to get a refund from steam now for an unplayable game

A vpn fixes the issue… Not ideal but cyberghost has a 24 hour free trial see if it works for you. then do whatever you will with that information.

Having this exact issue. It’s making Online mode completely unplayable for me.

Same issue here

Same Issue as described by others. I know 11th hour is busy leading up to launch but can someone please chime in here and verify you guys are aware. Hopefully working on the solution in time for launch. thanks! XavierGQ

Bonjour tous le monde , voila je vous explique mon probléme , j’ai sans cesse Lost Connection server game , donc c’est injouable … Avez vous une solution ? ( j’ai éssayer plein de chose comme DNS , ip fixe , et j’en passe )
Bien a vous

Same issue here. VPN seems to be a workaround though.

I can’t online at all. I can create a char. and then when I go to start the game the whole game crashes. This has happened evertime. So online play will NOT work for me at all. When I play offline mode I have hardly any issues. I am in the United States. I do hope with the now release of 1.0 that this will get fixed. I have the base game now but would like to upgrade but don’t feel I can until this issue is fixed.

Having similar issues.

Is anyone else on Ubiquity hardware?

Having the same issue and made a post before seeing this! I thought I was going crazy!

I am on a pretty standard setup: Intel i9, nvidia 4070ti, windows 11, with nothing running in the background but steam, discord, and peripheral software (mouse) and I’m having no net issues (ping is solid, no jitter, etc.).

I am periodically unable to interact with objects (loot, objectives, shrines, chests) but most of the time I can kill mobs and seem to be able to loot gold. Also am unable to portal out. It always seems to happen on high value echoes which makes it even more annoying as you are unable to claim the reward.

I should note that this never happened during the campaign for me. Only monoliths so far. It seems sort of random as it can happen after 30 minutes or so of gameplay or immediately.

It’s strange because I seem to remember this happening when they were first beta testing online play. I would’ve hoped that whatever it was would have been resolved (I wonder if it’s related to the server issues?).

I would love a reply from the devs as this is pretty detrimental to gameplay. Is VPN the only known workaround? It seems odd that that would work.

Ive been having the same issue since I got the game. Using a VPN does seem to work. It also appears, in my case, that the lost connection is somehow linked to using my second monitor. Its not immediate but usually after clicking over to my second monitor and then back to the game Im almost guaranteed to lose connection in the next 5-15 minutes