Massive computer slow down during loading screens

Every time there is a loading screen in the game my computer massively lags. Which mean even streams or stuff happening my 2nd monitor.

  • The fps drops for the whole computer
  • The game flickers and the FPS also massively drops (below 20)
  • I’ve monotired the task manager, nothing looks out of place, the memory/CPU/GPU usage drops down a little during the loading screen so nothing seems to spike.

le_graphicsmanager.ini (518 Bytes)
DxDiag.txt (93.4 KB)

Finally found a fix. I guess posting about it got me thinking about it again. Ill post my solution since I haven’t found any related issue, in case it helps someone later down the road.

It’s tied to the monitor refresh rate (and the monitor technology in the Nvidia Control Pannel). Apparently forcing G-Sync was the issue. I set a specific setting for Last Epoch : Monitor Technology to Fixed Refresh and the issues are gone

see Nvidia Control Pannel

Hey… Thanks for posting this solution… it will DEFINITELY help for anyone having similar issues in the future…

On a side note, Two things…

Firstly - just out of interest for my own knowledge - You are running on fairly high settings on a high end system - how are you finding your general game stability (how often does it crash) and what range of FPS are you getting?

Secondly - the last section of your Dxdiag shows lots of errors & crashes… (GameManagerService.exe, Platform-Win64-Shipping.exe, RADAR_PRE_LEAK_64 etc). You may want to just go through them and make sure that they are not serious errors that could point to something wrong on your system.

Hello !

I’ve had 0 crashes so far (been playing a week, roughly 25-30hours). Performance is great most of the time, which mean I’ve had a stable 120+ fps 90% of the time. GPU usage stays low and my 3080 doesnt heat above 60°C during gameplay. That being said I’ve encountered some area or ennemies that drastically drops my FPS down to 50ish. Once I get rid of them the FPS usually creeps back up to 100+ for the rest of the echo. The thing that puzzle me is that my GPU usage rarely goes above 55-60% even when the FPS drops so I wonder if the ressource avaialble are used properly. That looks like a poor Direct X implementation (or Vulkan, don’t know which is used)

Yes, I monitor my windows event log periodically and so far nothing seems out of place. Most of my system is kept up-to-date driver-wise and same goes for windows. Some 3rd party apps like GameManagerService which is tied to the Razer software for their peripherals management have a poor implementation and crashes on startup or when runnign some diagnostic. Nothing serious. Since both my GPU and CPU are overclocked, I’m monitoring everything and my system has been stress tested multiples times :smiley:


Thanks for the feedback on your performance… I tend to help out on the forums where I can and its always good to understand what is working for people on both ends of the system config spectrum. Especially those that are running the game on Ultra level settings because this can cause a lot of instability for some - even those using high end components like 3080s…

The FPS spikes are a known problem with the game right now… I have no access to the devs but I am certain that these kinds of issues will be dealt with eventually. Small dev teams only have so many hands… :wink: You are obviously lucky enough to have a decent machine that “hides” these spikes more than someone like me who is already running at 60fps and it drops to 20s occasionally. LE is both CPU & GPU intensive right now so there are lots of performance things to be dealt with.

The GPU usage seems to be tied into the framerate limiting that you have active… Its very good to limit it in my opinion as there are many reports of people running the game on unlimited and it basically maxing out their GPUs usage without any benefit in fps. Your comments, to me at least, tend to confirm this. I have a feeling that if you removed the limit it would spike the usage and instability.

The fact that you are using overclocking is also good to know because people that are redlining their systems but not being careful with their cooling and general maintenance are finding LE pretty unstable…

Thanks for the info…

Enjoy the next few hundred hours of play… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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