Masochist mode

I have stopped playing the game few months ago because i wanted to discover the game with my friends.
Now the 0.9 is here and my friends and i all agree about one thing. The main story is wayyyy too easy. We rushed it braindead without even forging and spending our points randomly. We did all that because we thought we could unlock masochist mode after beating the game once. We actually beat the game in like 10 - 15 hours i guess. beat the final boss (but didn’t do the monolith of fate…) and still nothing.
So the question is : How can we play in masochist mode? Or will we have in the near future a “hard mode” in the game?
Like i said we didn’t build characters we liked we don’t really want to do ALL the campaign all over again we’re just seeking something really challenging (come on, hit us daddy, harder). If anyone has some feedbacks.

PS: We really enjoy the game though, not complaining about anything, it’s fun, beautiful, diverse, the devs are ultra reactive and kind with the community. Love :slight_smile:

Masochist mode is not enabled in 0.9.

Thanks for the quick answer! Do you know if it will be added again and why it was removed in the first place? I don’t get the point of removing an option but still let it appear in the game.

It was removed for the beta, not sure the exact reason why.

ok, so i guess we will have it back at some point. Thanks a lot for your time and answers. I actually seek answers on the internet before posting on this forum: “how to enable masochist mode” “last epoch 0.9 masochist”… But found nothing from the devs (patchnotes, tweet…) and nothing concerning 0.9.
Thanks again, mate :slight_smile: