Masochist mode

I have stopped playing the game few months ago because i wanted to discover the game with my friends.
Now the 0.9 is here and my friends and i all agree about one thing. The main story is wayyyy too easy. We rushed it braindead without even forging and spending our points randomly. We did all that because we thought we could unlock masochist mode after beating the game once. We actually beat the game in like 10 - 15 hours i guess. beat the final boss (but didn’t do the monolith of fate…) and still nothing.
So the question is : How can we play in masochist mode? Or will we have in the near future a “hard mode” in the game?
Like i said we didn’t build characters we liked we don’t really want to do ALL the campaign all over again we’re just seeking something really challenging (come on, hit us daddy, harder). If anyone has some feedbacks.

PS: We really enjoy the game though, not complaining about anything, it’s fun, beautiful, diverse, the devs are ultra reactive and kind with the community. Love :slight_smile:


Masochist mode is not enabled in 0.9.

Thanks for the quick answer! Do you know if it will be added again and why it was removed in the first place? I don’t get the point of removing an option but still let it appear in the game.

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It was removed for the beta, not sure the exact reason why.

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ok, so i guess we will have it back at some point. Thanks a lot for your time and answers. I actually seek answers on the internet before posting on this forum: “how to enable masochist mode” “last epoch 0.9 masochist”… But found nothing from the devs (patchnotes, tweet…) and nothing concerning 0.9.
Thanks again, mate :slight_smile:

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I wonder if we could a response from the devs if this mode will be turned back on. I am itching for the harder content.

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It will be turned back on. It was disabled because we couldn’t fix it in time for 0.9.


thanks a lot, for your answer, and all your work on the game. It is so smooth, unbelivably ergonomic, and the multiplayer is already much more stable than some AAA. You guys rock, much love and support from france. :slight_smile:

I am super excited to see it turned back on! Thank you fro the response Trasochi :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I don’t think a more challenging mode would be a bad thing. Maybe the bosses could have attacks similar to some of the later bosses where you have to move around and dodge more.

The only tricky thing to this is that a lot of the challenge in these games is supposed to come later on when you have more options for gear and things like movement speed so you can change the way you deal with certain challenges. There would have to be temporary buffs and/or environmental things you can use to get some of the same ability to move around and stay out of danger in some of those fights.

That would constitute quite the overhaul to make such a mode interesting and fit into the game as it’s currently designed. However, it’s not something I would necessarily be against. We’d have to see what they came up with.

I think we’d also have to see if what they came up with was not so challenging as to be unpleasant or annoying. That’s a harder line to walk than people realize when you’re trying to challenge the player in this way.

I also think the main mode should be harder. Maybe not the last bosses, but most of the story should take a bit (just a bit) farming and thinking and strategic play to get beaten. It would force player to explore crafting and it would be more rewarding :slight_smile: Right now, as you say, crafting isn’t even necessary to beat it, i just ifinished it for a first time and I have to admit that I would personnaly prefer it if it was a bit harder :slight_smile:

Can’t wait for masochist mode to come back!

If you are looking for a challenge, until Masochist comes back, play Hardcore Character Found. Then tell us it’s too easy :slight_smile:


Hardcore isnt actually harder, its just more punishing of your fuckups.

Yeah, makes it harder to not get dead.

Thats the self-found bit though, not the hardcore bit. Its just as easy to not die in hardcore as it is in softcore.

We will have to agree to disagree :slight_smile: !

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This is one thing that I don’t think anyone has responded to you yet. They do have dungeons that if you’ve found a key you can use to skip portions of the storyline. Not sure if that helps you or not but thought I’d throw it in there.

I already know about the dungeons, in fact i already have like 4 characters in the monolith, 1 in the empowered ones. I just miss the feeling of the maso, but the end game isn’t “simple” at all even with a good build. Monos get harder the more you do them… My point was just: "i don’t really want to play 20/30 hours before the game finally begins to resist me. But thanks for your reply dude

I’m personally not sure if it needs to be harder, or just more interesting. A lot of the environments are samey and bland and what the enemies require you to do isn’t that tough. Maybe if there were more situations where you had to deal with debuffs and there were well-thought-out encounters where using your abilities or line-of-sight were important, the game would flow better. Overall it just feels a lot like you’re walking until you’re beating stuff to death, rinse and repeat. To be fair, a lot of ARPG’s are nothing but that. Here, it feels like there’s potential for more, because so many of the mid bosses and actual bosses are tough and interesting to fight.

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Usually in ARPGs the main campaign is like that because you can beat it way more faster if you use crafting, some OP leveling uniques for your build, do it with knowledge of what to expect and so on
Time spent during leveling your first 50-60 lvls is the main hardness in this type of games