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Marrow Shard Necromancer 7.10


Build Overview

Pros Huge DPS area High Damage High Survivability
Cons Didn't have any on this one.


  • Initially posted November 20th 2020. Build is currently viable for 0.7.10(a/b/c)




Marrow Shard
Dread Shade
Bone Curse
Summon Bone Golem


The main affix on idols you want is % health and flat health. Spell damage/physical damage is 2nd best.


Below is a Tunklab Gearplanner link that has been put together from the gear shown in the build video. This gear doesnt have to be min-maxed and even at only tier 1 affixes will still be good. I also recommend stacking health and int before anything else.

Low Life Necromancer Marrow Shard Gear Click Here


Stands in Lagon’s beam. 5200 ward left over. :pleading_face: :crazy_face:

lol yeah I really meant Facetank ANYTHING. goes really far in arena as well.
Also with no Resistance :slight_smile:

TLDR, nerf ward retention. Again.

Edit: And River of Bones.

Or just nerf @boardman21.

As long as river of bones stays the way it is ill be ok with that

Really cool build. I’ve probably stared at the Marrow Shards skill tree for hours without managing to come up with anything even remotely sensible to do with it.

It’s like a juiced up version of the lich one I post a while back, to bad I’m not smart enough to do this. Still neat to see someone else do a marrow shards build considering it seems to be the least played skill.

On tier 2 nec there is 35% ward rentantion
Seems the only usefull option to fill up to the top?

Also any reason not to pick up blood pact on aco? its more damage per point than blood aura

no reason not to i just over looked it. Defintely a another source of damage

Another suggestion for aco: Dark rituals? Golem every 10 seconds = 20% Cast Speed for us?
Or do i read anything in the talent wrong?

@boardman21 i hope its okay for you that i really enjoy to understand whats going on and to look for options to improve, i hope i dont sound unfriendly :wink:

Tried the build the evening … works and best thing: it doesnt melt my system down to 10 fps :slight_smile:

Huge thanks Boardman21! While playing on my Lich yesterday I was thinking I should start a Necromancer, and then you showed up with this awesome build. Coincidence? maybe :+1:

Yes, Dark Rituals would give you the 20% cast speed if you have Golem summoned on cooldown.

Ok… now I will have to try it…

Is fraility worth it?

You could get if by giving up one vit roll on a ring e.g. Should stack quick enough on big boss, flame golems and so on?

Yeah definitely can swap some stats around on the gear and add in frailty
Vitality might be the best choice.

Damn. Looking at this build makes me actually want to play Acolyte.


I really enjoy that build …

I opted for 2 times crit multi on gear… 276%
No fratility so far, minion health bonus from lvl 100 timeline helps golem a lot
Changed some passives and skill points … no autocast used

Brutal dps… bone curse crits for 10-20k in “real life” not dummy.
7,5k idle ward at lvl 82, 0 res basicly … i feel like a god.

My game crashed twice around wave 140 but that was teally fast and safe till then.

Best thing:
The build doesnt spam your screen with spelleffects at all… butter smooth framerate without slowdowns cause of graphic fireworks.

Try it … really worth it.

Edit: Wave 214 … lvl 85… guess it gets mad if things start to kill your golem below 10 seconds :wink:

Wow, no CONS? Well, there is always a first time.
@boardman21 Really like all the builds you present and I have tried almost all of them, and this one is no exception, seem really fun (Although Acolyte is the class I played the least). I have one question. Is the order that you put the skill passive points exactly as presented in the video? (For each skill)

Negative. Ive swapped this character around so much I couldnt tell ya what order i did it im if money was on the line. However sith that said

bone curse

  • work your way to applied on hit for XX seconds first then work towards 1 hit guaranteed crit

marrow shard

  • work your way down and right first and put your last 7 points into the double cast