Making Mastery Classes More Impactful

Looks good, nice work again.

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This is a wonderful change. As usual, each of your changes makes the game even better than before.


These changes are currently planned to be released in Patch 0.7.4. :slight_smile:


Awesome improvement, a tremendously nice step in the right direction ! Both in terms of buildmaking (making classes more definite) and in terms of gameplay-feeling (ascending), I’m sure.
I can already see tons of possible class-themed skills, especially the powerful buffs/utility-skills which made multi-classing very much a “lets go pick the best buffs/utility all around” Main offender being sentinel with skills such as Reversal or Holy Aura, which could easely be tied to VK or Pal. Other examples include some transformations for Druid-only, perhaps Lich could get Lichform much earlier (which is currently a problem), etc…
One could say that it would reduce build diversity but I’d say it rather advocates class theme/definition and the system itself already promotes a lot of/enough diversity so it’s not too much of a problem, or so I feel with what we currently have available


I am also a bit afraid of build diversity with those mastery passives.
They seem to be very strong and if the build you want to make doesn’t need this passive, you “waste” a powerful passive and it can deter people to try original builds.

It is a very delicate balancing act and we have been working very hard to make the passive bonuses, generic enough that it doesn’t force a very narrow playstyle while still being mastery thematic, powerful and exciting. These passive bonuses will change a lot before (and probably after) release as a major balancing point. I’m quite happy with the Sorcerer and Spellblade ones right now. Some of the other classes have been a lot trickier to nail down.

Also @Neyhoum you’re very much on the right track with which skills will be given in this system.


i am very interested in what is being done for Sorc/blade, i have been sitting waiting to see what changes come because i feel like sorc has kinda been left behind in build quality i don’t really seem to find a great build that is fun to play while also being challenging. Now i also dont sit and craft builds by just trying different things and that might be part of my issues i have been considering playing around with that but i have very limited time. and i honestly only play glass cannon style builds.

Which is it that you`re talking of? :smiley:

No complaints here, I always felt like this was either coming, or should be the actual deal with masteries. The “old” way, it was too generic. “Lemme just be a master of everything” and poof. And while yes, there are “jacks of all trades, masters of none”, out there, it doesn’t really belongs in the game. Very hyped to the change!

Also, nice teasing of the Runemaster. HAVE I NOT WAITED ENOUGH FOR IT EHG?!1


One thing that we’ve talked about before is select gear being class specific. This isn’t a prelude to everything being class specific at all, just certain pieces. So this might mean that you have to master into spellblade before you can use a certain chest piece or something. (Intentionally vague, sorry)


I love this idea for release, but I think it sucks for the beta. As I’ve made posts about before, investing days in a class to get it to a high level so that we can test out and report bugs and have some fun along the way, only to have our current build ruined, and potentially un-salvageable, due to an update is not fun, and make me want to move over to other games. And yes, those other games are also in beta.

For instance, I have a spellblade, level 92, that I used to love. I absolutely hate spellblade now due to updates you guys have made. That’s fine, I have no problem with that. But the fact that I can’t switch over to Sorcerer just sucks. That character is dead to me now. I’ve tried building him every way I can, and nothing is fun.

That’s fine for the release, because game breaking/fixing changes will be super rare, but now, in beta, they’re pretty much every patch, and there’s no good reason to enforce a mastery choice right now.

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Gear u say?:heart_eyes:

Agree. I also wished the devs gave more latitude in experimenting with builds in beta. But post-alpha, they have been quite adamant about creating a leveling experience that mirrors release.

That`s a very honorable way to go! Items specifically for the mastery-class even; yes yes and yes :smiley:

Very straight to the point and concise notes. Best thing about the game so far, that I have noticed, is the fact that developers really take in player feedback. This is crucial, especially in the earlier stages of the game development. Keep up the great work.


Very well done. Looking forward to try the new Mastery system :slight_smile:

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Drunk post? Haha.

have you seen the druid and his skills in diablo 4? this would be the perfect druid for last epoch! He uses many of his skills to interact with his own scenario with incredible effects of switching between man and wolf or bear! My hope with LE is that it will have solid gameplay with each class’s own skills using the scenario itself as a means of combat! It’s just a thought that I would very much like LE to be, Of course with its own originality … and please you should focus on making the game stable on FPS because lately it has been impossible to play with such stability in the high and low fps varieties. … finally, I wish success in know progress. hugs

I love this, and it fit perfectly my way of playing the spellblade.
For the mage, the bonus feel really great.

The thing I want now, is a way to see tree for mastery skill.
For the skill unlock from passive and the skill unlock at mastery, we don’t have any way to see the tree before unlocking it. So it really hard to plan character for someone as me that don’t have a lot of time to play.

I think the base class could give us some passive bonus as well, more generic and less stronger than masteries eg.
Mage: 10% increased mana regeneration, 1 ward per second or 10% spell bonus damage
Acolyte: 10% health regeneration, 10% minion damage
Sentinel: 10% increased armor and physical damage
Primalist: 10% increased elemental protection and elemental damage