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Major Framerate Drops When Certain Skills Are Used

Hi there! So I have had an ongoing issue with performance that I think I’ve finally boiled down to the use of certain skills, particularly fire skills or when large void skills are used by enemies. So far I have tested the drops with both meteor and fire tornadoes (I haven’t played much with the other elements, but in limited play I am not seeing the issue). These drops will often take my frames from a smooth 60 all the way to the teens. Shadows also cause minor to moderate frame drops, but I so far have found no other setting that makes a difference. my performance is effected as much on ultra settings as it is on very low.

My system specs are

MB: MSI MS-7693
CPU: AMD FX 8350
HDD: Samsung SSD 860 EVO 1TB

If you need anything else I’m happy to help!

Quick update. The Immortal Eye’s ability also causes major frame drops.

Could you please upload the following system information as an attachment?

I’v made the dxdiag but the forums state that new users cannot upload attachments…

Well now it worked. Here it is!

McFluffinDxDiag.txt (88.2 KB)

Mind if I also ask for your graphics .ini file?

I’d be curious about certain settings (e.g. memory allocation). If you typically play with the Vertical Sync setting enabled, could you try disabling that temporary for troubleshooting?

Here you go! Also, I’ve tried with VSync on, off, and at half with no noticeable difference. But I’m happy to make whatever settings changes will help you out.

le_graphicsmanager.ini (2.3 KB)

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