Mage's "Preparation" passive buff icon persists after respecializing its Mastery Points

When allocating “Preparation” from the Mage Base Class Passives, then waiting for it to show up in the buff display and lastly using a NPC to respecialize the Mastery Point allocation in “Preparation”, the buff icon of it persists with no effect, as far as I can tell.

Here are the steps to reproduce it:

  1. Allocate exactly one point into “Preparation” in the Mage’s passives → (1/10)
  2. Wait for its buff icon to show up after three seconds
  3. Respecialize by removing the allocated point from “Preparation” → (0/10)
    The buff icon is now persistent although its node is no longer allocated. As far as I can tell, beyond the visual problem, is has no impact on the gameplay. Casting spells does not remove this icon and one has to re-log to remove it.

I have a screenshot, but PNG files are not authorized to be uploaded, unfortunately.
EDIT: Screenshot via Imgur:
On the screenshot, one can see the “Preparation” buff while its node is not allocated.

There are a few passives like that, the Rogue’s Lethal Cadence & likely any buff from a passive that can be consumed. The game likely doesn’t check to remove the icon if you don’t have points in the passive (since it wouldn’t need to check to add/remove a buff that you don’t have access to).

Thanks for the report!

It isn’t just the buff icon, you get the free damage bonus and it persists past the first hit, permanently.
The buff stays after death so it can be ‘a mechanic creatively used/abused’ by simply spec’ing into and out of it at the start of a play session. In this manner it is far more powerful than its original intended functionality as far as I can see.

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