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Mage skill Static

Having a discussion in discord about this, everyone feels like this spell does zip for damage. With the node that adds flat damage per charge, with 150 charges… it doesn’t even pop trash mobs. I changed my build to use elemental nova instead, which has no target limit like static does, and I wipe the screen. I don’t know if it’s by design or the static skill is bugged, but it is useless.


I’ve always wondered if this was just me, but I’ve never got Static to do anything of note outside of the autocast node, and even that was like… meh.

Yeah I was thinking it feels almost redundant with nova and static orb, maybe it should be turned into an aura.

Quite a few discussions on the forum already about Static being less than useful… and most people just using it as a placeholder (last slot skill) that just procs the Zap/lighting rather than actively using it for anything serious.

I figure its one of “those” skills that EHG is probably going to overhaul at some future date.

Yeah but I think it might be useless because it’s actually bugged. I did zero math to determine this, but the fact that so many people talk about it doing zip damage means the devs should definitely at least glance at it. A decimal could be in the wrong place for all I know.

For real though, I’ve tried building around using this skill and you just can’t. It never feels right, you build up all this charge to hit them for this mediocre damage, or you run around keeping it on for the zaps and never really cast it. The node that does flat damage per charge doesn’t feel that impressive for the cost. I mean thing can cost a lot of mana and not do much damage for its cost compared to other spells.

I think static could benefit by making the skill about balancing static charges.

Let’s say that static charges provides damage reduction or a lightning fire aura, but releasing them shortens all cooldowns some amount per charge. Or something. As it is now, there’s really no interaction with the skill at all, and merely buffing the discharge damage seems a bit unimaginative.

That said, I like that I can use it to proc LB, so please keep that:)

If the Discharge damage was usable, then it would have a point, at the moment the only point for Static is to get Lightning Blast procs.

Yeah, but it would still be more or less elemental nova with a charge up. It would be more useful yes, but would it be interesting?

Yeah, IMO, it needs to have the skill tree (or even the basic concept) scrapped & reworked from the ground up.

On an incidental/related note, @Mike_Weicker, any idea when the Tornado re-work will happen? It’s been approaching 2 years… Even Lunge got re-worked since then & it didn’t “win”!