Mage Idols and Irrelevant affixes

At the risk of starting a war, since it’s been stated by Devs that Mage has, at least for the foreseeable future, been designed NOT to have minions, are we going to see some adjustments/tweaks to idol drops like these?

DISCLAIMER: I haven’t played a lot of Mage as it and Primalist are my least favorite classes (for now.) But I’ve spent all my time since Runemaster dropped playing it to try and get a feel for it. Thus, these idols were in my stash and due to accumulation I finally had to sort through them. I have no idea if these were recent drops but I did notice them when I was cleaning my Mage house. :smiley:

I find it funny that having just a single class different, in this regard, is “not homogenizing” them. Even Rogue has minions… and looks to be getting more.

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I have no dog in that fight (above mentioned “risk of starting a war”) because I don’t really care one way or the other. But if they aren’t going to have minions, having affixes on mage specific idols geared for minions should be adjusted I would suggest.

I do have to agree that having an affix on a class-specific item that is geared for minions when the class itself cannot have minions is sort of useless.

I assume these were created at a time when they had envisioned Runemaster having golems or other minions but yeah, their usefulness appears non-existent with the Mage’s change in class design over the past year or so.

Though, they should technically work with the Mirror Image minions you can create with Teleport…not that they’ll do you much good or anything. :sweat_smile:


Hey mage can get a bee specific idol affix now, how else do we make tem viable without these.

In all seriousness this is probably just another thing thats from the past, that will eventually get looked at to bring stuff together. Should also probably remove the bee affix then as well.


Maybe there are / will be uniques (non class specific ones) allowing your mage to have minions? :thinking:
Good luck making a build of it with no minion support in the tree, but we’ve seen stranger things…

I wish I had a dog… But I am a mage, I can’t have minions.


Okay, this makes me feel bad for the Mage now. All he wanted was man’s best friend to share in adventure and fun. :wink:

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Are those things actually considered minions? I just thought they were illusions. Huh. I honestly did not know this.

EDIT: I’ll be dipped in void slime. I just went looked it up and you’re right!!!

There is one already.

No need to be quite so surprised.

This is a gaming forum. When did “need” become relevant?

Oh, I agree. I’m just tiring of this “homogenization” excuse, when 4 out of the 5 classes already have minions.

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Agreed, but the system it’s made to be “global”

If you take away this system, in the future you gonna losing some important skills that yet not been implemented.

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We had a similar discussion in the past about items that drop with useless stats like fire dmg and poison dmg. Back then it was like “If it’s in the loot pool it’s fair game!”.

The idol problem makes it clear again that some affixes should be excluded from the pool of a class or from each other.

For the sake of the thread just ignore the affixes should exclude each other when they make no sense part to not derail it ^^.

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Yeah, agreed, I don’t have any problem with the mixed idols. Like not both prefix and suffix have to be usable everytime. Like any loot with multiple suffixes. That’s part of the hunt.

But having things on class specific stuff that can NEVER be used is probably something that needs cleaned up.

IMO, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was to a)clean up/reduce the number of damage affixes (7 instead of 14) & b)provide some inherent support for hybrid classes without the need to fudge them in later when a minion mastery was implemented.

Yeah, that’s totally possible. Although often with these split ones both are sort of ‘less’ than a single one by itself would be. But, that might not very well be the case for this particular set of affixes.

those are generic idol affixes, not mage specific idol affixes

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I think this is the case. If we asked EHG to separated the 23% increased fire damage and 23% increased minion fire damage, at most it would remove the personal affix entirely (those are better replaced with other class-specific affixes) and the minion damage would probably be like 32% or something.

While I totally agree in an idealistic fashion with you @CaiusMartius , I doubt this will ever be fixed. Is there an arpg where stats make genuine sense on gear? Most experienced PoE players use filters that exclude almost everything, even then what they drop is probably a mishmash of 9 life and 4 phy deflected back at attacker on a good base :grimacing:

D4 is among the worst, D3 not much better, GD isnt much better but you will find good items on the ground, vanilla TQ is bad.

I honestly feel its better for the game to be like this. If everything was smart looted, people get bored as their carrot on a stick is gone. If you go too far in the other direction like D4, people get just as bored because upgrades past a certain level are nonexistent. Thus is the arpg dilemma.