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MacOS Unplayable - How do I uninstall?

I have a pretty high end Macbook Pro:
2.9GHz Intel Core i7
16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3
Radeon Pro 560 4 GB

And yet, with everything set to lowest, with a windowed screen, the game still uses 100% GPU with lag. It’s not a huge deal TBH, as I just installed it on Bootcamp instead, and it works fine.

However, unlike most games which create a ‘.app’ file that can be moved to trash to uninstall, this game seems to have put a dozen GB of files on my system, of which I can’t locate. Where are these files so I can clear up some space?

Thanks in advance for your help and hard work!

I’m also in the same boat and not sure how to uninstall. I see the Launcher, but nothing in Applications for me to delete/uninstall.

I’m unfamiliar with Mac OS, but I think you should be able to go to your /Application folder (or maybe /ApplicationSupport folder?), find Eleventh Hour Games and then manually delete the folder.

As a side note, you’re running below the current minimum specs on your GPU (I think, if not, it’s close), so that is probably your issue.

The application should be installed to an app folder right beside the launcher itself. How big is the launcher folder?

Odd - what is the name of that folder because the only folder called Launcher that I have is located \Users⁩\⁨Shared⁩\UnrealEngine⁩\Launcher and is used for an Epic. I see the LastEpoch Launcher on my desktop, but there’s nothing else there that I can discern that belongs to the game.

How big is the Last Epoch Launcher folder?

That’s why I said “Odd” in my previous reply. I do not see the Last Epoch Launcher folder anywhere - I only have the ‘Laucher’ which is on my desktop, but no associated folder. I’m definitely missing something here, would you be able to guide me to where the launcher folder would have been installed?

It doesn’t really install to a specific location. It goes to wherever you initially downloaded it. Typically that would be in your downloads folder.

I will say that I haven’t personally installed it on MacOS yet so I could be wrong about where it is.

As an alternative, you could also try searching your entire computer for the word Epoch as I doubt that it would appear in many folders.

Also, how big is that launcher folder? Is it just a shortcut to another folder? If yes, can you see where it’s pointing? If yes, how big is that folder?

Just thought of another option, the game is pretty big so it’s probably taking up a fairly large chunk of your hard drive space.

I haven’t used one of these programs on a mac before so I have no idea how well they work but I use and old version of SpaceMonger on my computer to free up space. It’s creates a visual representation of the drive so it’s easy to see the large folders.

After a quick google, the first result is GrandPerspective for mac. Looks like it’s free on SourceForge

Thanks. I play on PC, so not having it on my MacBook Pro isn’t a huge deal to me.

Doing a search for ‘Epoch’, ‘LastEpoch’, ‘Last Epoch’, or even ‘Eleventh’ yield no results.
The one Launcher folder I have is 14KB and only contains 3 items; SelfUpdateStaging, UnrealEngine, and VaultCache, which all seem to be related to the Epic Games Launcher, not Last Epoch.

Thanks for that GrandPerspective recommendation! I found where the game was installed

Users\Username\Library\Application Support\PatchKit\Apps\e2291272\Data

I hope that helps anyone else that’s looking for it.

YAY! We did it!

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Thanks for your help!

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