LP and cleansing

I have been farming quite a bit in this game, and very little has come out of it. I also made an early mistake, slamming an lp3 peak of the mountain which I’d prefer to have another shot at. With drop rates as low as they are (reasonably so,) it is unreasonable to then not have a method of “unslamming.”

It is not so much to ask to be able to empty out a well rolled LP Unique and make another attempt at a slam. This will still cost you a great exalt, and it will still require you find the item in the first place. I seriously could see myself quitting this game if I pull an lp3 Dragoroth’s Claw and don’t get the 3 affixes I want on it, at the cost of a very good exalt. I have been farming that item through prophecies for 2 days straight, only found 2 lp2s in that time. For reference I am running around 450 corruption, so well above the suggested benchmark for a working build via EHG stream.

I would go as far as to offer a suggestion, such as t5 Temporal Sanctum which is scaled double or triple it’s current difficulty in order to empty said LP uniques. I think in the current state of the game, the end game is pretty daunting, and further spending time wasted is really discouraging when considering playing more in the future.

also it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make affixes, glyphs and runes automatically enter your materials cache. it would be a major quality of life thing to not have to clear out your inventory every 2 echos, even if it’s easy. all those times add up!


Devs have said theres a high likelihood this will happen. When no dang clue

Just to clarify im not saying its confirmed going to happen. Just saying theres a high chance it will based on devs

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Agree, see here Slamming Exalts should not brick the Legendary item

They should introduce a feature to use the same legendary to cleanse the legendary with LP, so that another exalt can be slammed. Right now bricking your LP legendaries and exalts is too punishing.

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yeah, it feels really bad. there are still certain mechanics in this game that lend themselves to too much frustration and will harm player retention…