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Lower levels of build-defining Uniques

With the recent changes to leveling, it can take a great deal of time to get to level 80+, but some build-defining Uniques require those levels.

It feels really bad to play a gimped or completely different version of a build you theorycrafted just to get to that point, and even worse if you finally get there and find it isn’t viable/enjoyable.


I agree, the game/grind feels tedious after the last patch.

That’s because we are theorycrafting a lot. When the game releases, we’ll spend more times with each hero, pushing all endgame activities. The game is currently not finished and not complete, so we’re experimenting. It’s another kind of fun, different from a finished game.

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Yeah but at the end of the day they can make things “worse”. You still outlevel zones if you make them fully. If they make an XP curve where you need to kill everything to stay on level things will be spicey :D.

We’ll see what the future brings ^^

Yeah but I’m pretty sure something will happen :D.

Agreed with you all and yeah it won’t be as pronounced when we aren’t theorycrafting and testing as much.

They said the reason for the change is that builds come online early enough that they wouldn’t be impacted, which is true EXCEPT in the case of unique items. It would be fine if the items themselves still dropped from high-level content, but had their required levels lowered. That way you would have to get at least one character to that level to earn them, but could use them earlier on your alt builds.

I disagree. I personally find the new leveling curve to be refreshing and motivating me to play past the couple beginning monolith hubs. I think players are unhappy with these changes because they are looking at this in the concept of what they had before, which was easy fast progression with no real effort needed to zip along. With the new curve we have to work harder and the feel that you are progressing has expanded into the well into mid to endgame into pre-empowered monolith.

I love the fact that new uniques are locked behind monolith progression and are only acquired by high levels. That is the thrill of endgame item chasing that this game was lacking greatly in my opinion. I think that addition is amazing for the game and supports the continued excitement past high levels to have small or large goals to work towards, to keep refining your build and gear till lv100; in all honesty getting lv100 in this game is extremely easy still compared to the other arpgs I have played. I see this as no different than PoE for example where there are some build defining weapons on endgame bosses that everyone wanted like the endgame boss Shaper. These players who build around a Shaper weapon don’t view it as “I’m gimped” till I have this build defining unique. They just play and are hyped when they get the weapon then switch their build around to compensate, then continue to have fun.

This doesn’t seem like a realistic problem but one created out of desire of just wanting something now verse later.

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You really missed the mark on what we are talking about. We aren’t suggesting the Uniques be easier to get, just have their required level to use lowered. The difficulty of earning them or “endgame chase” are the same.

It would only stop players having to play a build they don’t enjoy for 15 hrs just to get to use an item they already have that enables the build they wanted to play all along.

Or maybe have two versions of several uniques. One relatively low level with low stats, one higher level with higher stats. Unsure it’s a good idea, just thinking.


No that is exactly the point. Build defining uniques at high levels are chase items, normally they are at that level because of power. What would be the alternative? No good uniques past an arbitrary level? That sounds a tad silly to me.

Yeah that would be perfect and they’ve done it for some uniques like Claw/Fang and Beast King.

I still don’t think KissingAiur understands the discussion. The issue is not with how difficult it is to obtain powerful uniques, it is with how much time has to be wasted leveling on a build based on them. Imagine how miserable low-life builds would be if Exsanguinous required level 85 to equip.

It isn’t about the power level of the unique, it’s about the ones that change a core mechanic of the game or class.


I agree with @KissingAiur but I can also see your perspective… so playing devils advocate here…

On one side, you have high level end-game builds that use certain Uniques and as said, these are “chase” items to make these end-game builds work - without them, the builds just dont work as well as they could. Having high level end-game worthy uniques is something that I personally feel LE doesnt have enough of - yet. There are currently only a few uniques required for end-game builds and they tend to be the same Uniques across all masteries.

On the otherside you are saying that current Uniques are too high level to be useful for lower characters leveling toward a certain build. At the moment, this is true, but its also true that the game is easy (some say too easy) at lower levels gear wise and passives/skills leveling etc prevent you from building end-game characters until you are at least around lvl 60 which is when the higher tier uniques start to be able to be used anyway.

How about a solution here, similar to @Shtrak comment just simpler, how about MORE lower level uniques that you use temporarily in the chase to higher tier gear… Would this address your OP comment?


I think she understands but disagrees. Her point is that, as these uniques are powerful, they can’t be low level and easy to find. I rather agree with that, it’s why I thought about low level versions. Like Claw and Fang, as you noticed.

That isn’t the same though. That is taking a lower level unique designed for that level and buffing it at a higher level to still be worth using.

What is talked about here is taking powerful uniques that are designed around high level and doing the opposite. It could have balancing implications because those interactions are designed for high level play.

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I’m all for having new things and new toys to play with. But adding for the sake of adding, doesn’t really fix it. Look at another dev Arpg, they have a lot of legendaries, still quite a bit to this day some are completely unused or just broke down for materials.

What’s the point of having items like those if they are just trashed right when you pick them up.

If you look at unique globally, naturally there will be also “good” and “bad” unique.
Or maybe “popular” and less popular ones.

Having good and bad items in every category is totally normal.

Uniques are a very big topic that arises very often and I can understand it.
EHG did overhaul quite some Uniques with the recent patch.
That was already a good step and I think if there will be more and more and more Uniques implemented it will make Uniques overall more exciting.

But I also think that alot of people just have the wrong exceptions about what Uniques are or should be.

They are not meant to be “better” than rare items.
And they are not meant to be used on a variety of builds.

If we get more endgame Uniques from new endgame modes and maybe some low/mid lvl Uniques that have more generic stats that serve as “leveling Uniques” the whole Uniques pool will become more exciting.

Once we reach a point we’re every single base item type at least has 2-3 different Uniques, the “excitement” when you see one dropping because you don’t know which one it is.

On alot of base item types when you see a unique dropping you already know which one it is, because there is only one.

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Could always add a Rune that lowers an items level requirement by 2-5 while also adding 4-7 instability. I don’t think the instability added should be crazy as the whole point would be to lower an items level requirement substantially. There really aren’t any crafting mechanics yet that can be used on uniques. Would be neat to have some.

Maybe items shouldn’t be able to be used to more easily level up alts though? I definitely see that side of the argument. I think a lot of people like the idea of level alts a bit faster though.

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To/for uniques? Given that uniques don’t have “proper” affixes (in the same way that craftable items do) the only interaction the unique could have with instability would be a destructive fracture & they were removed from the game. Maybe if a major fracture reset the affix values to the minimum values?

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That, or it could just have the rolls on its ranges reduced. I also think there should be a rune to reroll the implicit that should work on Unique items.

When I first started, I tried to shatter a unique item just to see what would happen.