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Low Life Melee Minion Necromancer - Up to 5K Ward and HUGE minion attack and movement Speed

Stef do u know a good minion build for Last Epoch? As a huge fan of necrobuilds i really wanted to make it work. I’ve tried a lot and I’m happy to present you today my newest build guide creation – The Low Life Melee Minion Necromancer for the acolyte class. YES this build is viable for endgame and sooo much fun to play. Gain up to 5K ward and control 19 Minions with a good amount of damage and very high movement and attack speed!





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how would you start it as leveling.if possible?

looks nice.

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thanks <3
start with summon skelettons and bone golem.
then add summon skeleton mages for more dps.
Save up in the meantime good gear with int and health.
add skills bone curse and dread shade.
farm the boots last steps of the living @lvl 75 boss and hope for a Exsanguinous Body armor drop.
then go low life and maximize your gear.

ok thx for reply.
i like its not fight from the edge og the screen and dont c half of it :slight_smile:

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Nice build lets try to make this baby of yours …

Well i played it now for 2 hours and i used the your Marrow necro build to change it to the low life melee necro and its rocking already on lvl 80 on the echo 100. So yes very nice build buddy many thanks for sharing

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Hello, fantastic build, first echo 100 are done… mate this is an rocking crazy necro.
Try the Arek’s Bones it’s works pretty good.

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Quick question, forgive my ignorance lol

Where does the ward generation come from? Can’t seem to find it within the skills/passives? Is it just from the uniques?


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Just the chest & boots.

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hey thanks and congrats. oh yeah almost forgot about this unique need to test it as well tonight :slight_smile:


So get hit just once and your "flesh minion" shows up
100% Chance to summon Arek’s Flesh when a hit leaves you below half health

Arek’s Flesh is a melee minion that lasts for 20 seconds. Its damage scales with intelligence. Its health scales with intelligence and character level.

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You’re low life, it won’t proc the minion for you (because you’re already way under 50% hp).

So how do i proc it? because if i get hit he shows up. if i don’t get hit he doesn’t show up.
when it shows up you get an extra portrait frame… so that’s weird . does it proc because of an low minion on that moment?. i am using the low life version with the boots and the chest armor

I would have expected that the minion would only be spawned if your hp was above 50% of the max then you get hit by a mob & that hit takes you below 50%. @Dobster tested it with an Exsanguinous & I don’t think he was getting the minion unless a mob’s hit took him below 50% (ie, not the drain from Exsanguinous).

It’s working if you get any damage while at low health. You can proc it with transplant or marrow shards as they cost hp.

This way you can also have the Revenent up 100% of the time, btw. Currently building a Revenant/Golem build with infernal shade.

Also low life is meant for being below 35% hp, not 50%.

I use only Bone Curse and the rest are the minions like in the guide from stefthedude. But anyway it procs the Arek’s Bones is working for now and doing a good job in the game play… hopefully it stays this way

That sounds like a bug then (@Hackaloken) since that’s not the wording on the item.

Do you only ever get 1 minion from it?

Yes, but the wording on the mace specifies a hit taking your hp below 50%, so you playing a low life build means you’re always under that amount.

I see only 1 minion coming out and that’s it

yeah just tested it. i guess game checks full hp in char stats and when im hit it checks if im under 50% what is the case all the time if im running a low life build. Arek’s Flesh procs. anyway minion is not that op just nice to have him :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s more on the shred effect for you and you minions when you use this weapon.
But try it an couple of rounds and let me know how it feels

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