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Low FPS with RTX3080 / i5 8600k

Like the title says, I’m running with an i5 8600k (OCd to 4.7GHz), RTX 3080 and 16GB 3200MHz RAM. @1440p, I can be on either Ultra settings or low, the game’s FPS varies wildly. It goes from solid 144FPS to low 30s when in certain monolith maps fighting packs of monsters.

I’m playing as a Rogue Bladedancer using Synchronized Strikes with Shadow Cascade focused on Shadow Daggers. So I have 5 Shadows that will use Shadow Cascade, each Cascade throws 7 daggers. In town on the test dummy I go from 144FPS to about 70 when using my skills. And out on maps with monsters it goes as low as 35ish sometimes.

While playing both my CPU and GPU usage rarely go over 60%. And never past 90%

Requested files attached.

le_graphicsmanager.ini (502 Bytes) DxDiag.txt (114.4 KB)

EDIT: Just ran a few Echoes with my Devouring Orb spam Void Knight and never dropped under 80 FPS. So it’s definitely something with Synchronizing Strike + Shadow Cascade… I think.

EDIT2: I specced out of Dagger Dance and Porcupine’s Wrath and the FPS drops are not nearly as bad as before. The dagger spam really drops the FPS bad.