Lots of High Hope for D4 S4

So it seems like the most recent campfire got a lot of people’s hope up.

I was one of the people who almost pre-ordered the game (ultimate edition for me) but decided to cancel at the last minute because I saw their dev interview and knew the game wasn’t going to be what I want. If it weren’t for LE though, I might have bought it because there was nothing else that is promising for me back then.

So what got a lot of people hyped about this season is that they have finally stopped being stubborn and will bring in something similar to LE’s crafting system, along with other promising updates, like better itemization and more interesting uniques.

Diablo Franchise is like that ex that keeps coming back to tell me that she has changed/will change, and makes me really want to give it another shot, lol.

For those who haven’t bought D4, are you going to give it a try for season 4?

One thing that is also holding me back is that gamepass crap though. Some games actually give you enough game currency to buy the gamepass if you play enough; is that the case for Diablo? Or do you have to spend real money to get access to it?


I don’t think I would spend money on D4 right now (I already own it). If you haven’t bought it yet, I’d wait firstly to see how all these improvements work out in practice, and secondly to see how much they will charge for the expansion.

Oh, and it goes on sale a lot, so wait to get it on sale.

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Yeah I guess I will just do that. Can’t stand the heartbreak again, lol, even if I buy the game on sale.

But it’s good thing to see they are not that stubborn anymore (or perhaps it always been the execs that were being stubborn, not the devs).

Blizzard is pro at hanging carrots in front of consumers, drip feeding content, and doing anything possible for player retention. Diablo 4 is basically a digital sales platform priority with a knock off Diablo addon.


afaik thos passes speed you u in season, but you an keep up withoit them, so no real money needed.
but do not know, do they try to copy-paste LE for S4 patch? :)) come on man…

The similarities between D4’s and LE’s systems are exaggerated imo. There are no shards, there are no runes and there are no glyphs.

D4 season 4 will be much less casual. What a lot of people are overlooking is the fact that the itemization changes are removing lots of DR. Because of this, the game will be much harder.

Show me any ARPG that is completely unique, i wont hold my breath, LE took inspiration from D2 & GD mainly, the rune system for the runemaster is a play on runewords from D2, RAH rune… ? Straight up copying? its pathetic, i encourage all ARPG studio’s to copy the best bits from all ARPG’s and stick there twist on it.

These games should be able to co-exist and its ok to play more than 1 game at a time.

The campfire chat was promising indeed, i havent got hopes up, but it certainly is a step in the right direction & will look in on season 4 after swerving season 3.

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I bought it and regret it.
I learned my lesson with Activision, never buy from them on their promises and promotalk without waiting for real reviews after release.
I willl wait and see how these new promises will turn out in reality.

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D4 does not give platinum but the base battlepass is free. It gives access to the full season journey with all the ashes and a few cosmetics. The premium battlepass with added cosmetics is 1000 plat ($10), but it gives 700 back by the end. The expensive accelerated battlepass is just a trap for fools. You can decide about the premium battlepass at any time during the season; I generally wait to see the cosmetics in game. This season has a mount I really like so I got it.

D4 may end up better than LE if the loot system is good. I like the graphics better, combat is fun with the evades and ultimate skills, and there are multiplayer events in the open world. It sounds like they are adding more to do, which will make the game a lot better. I never got into the uber unique grind. 2% drop rates on bosses where I have to farm mats to kill are about as uninteresting as endless echoes praying for an LP3 on the right item to drop. I’m just not an end game grind kinda player. I’m on alt #3 in LE.

So yeah, I think it’s worth it.

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I have the highest premium supports pack as well on preordered and played maybe 2 hours of the game… It was a huge disappointment but I kept it as took the hit as donation for giving happiness to those feel years from their masterpiece.

As promising as it looks with the seemingly improvements and changes they make, I don’t see anything that will make me play it… i’m going to pass and just watch my streamer friend and others play it to see if there is something I am missing that will want to play. Rather join in late then find out myself that I hate something.

There’s a lot more blizzard is capable of than the state it is currently at, they have pretty much unlimited budget compared to other companies so there is absolutely no reason for them not to be lagging behind.

This last campfire chat gives me the feeling that now Bobby’s shackles are removed we will see something more from the MICROSOFT devs, blizzard is just a name at this point, its MICROSOFT,


As good as it sounds, I am still not as excited as long as I see that they are somewhat still riding on relying the piggyback name of the franchise.

I do hope they figure it out and come back to being Mecca in creating something amazing, I don’t mind returning later, just won’t be playing early and wanting to be disappointed.

Sure, thats fair enough, i sat out season 3 because it looked and was shit and lost my feeling for the game… I still hold out hope, now that, as i said, Bob the knob is gone.

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Hard to praise blizzard, a company that has specifically burnt IPs and squeezed consumers until their community completely broke. It doesn’t really matter what changes are made in Diablo 4. The new president of blizzard is a marketing strategist who watches football. Nothing is looking positive for blizzard, and I no longer support scummy companies that put profits and sales platforms with addon knockoff franchised games ahead of passionate development.

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S3 slaps. I finished it, which is why I picked up LE, but it was better than S1 or S2. The vaults are great with high mob density. Everyone was doing those instead of NMD and asking for them to be retained. It’s easy to level at arcane tremors. Everyone whined about the seneschal, but by end game the little dude takes out bosses with the right stones and that’s not even the ubers. The amount of spirit he cranks out made my LS druid playable without TR which was damn good since one wouldn’t drop. The boss that drops the uber seneschal stones is a grindy pain in the butt but I don’t do the uber chase anyway. I get to 100, killing bosses for uniques along the way, gear up for NMD 100, finish my battle pass, and maybe run an alt. Maybe not. Oh, and the mount on the premium battle pass is gorgeous, though I finally got the brimstone one off Duriel.

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Blizzard is dead. Long live the king. Allen Adham left so all the Blizzard North founders are gone. Kotick was never the right CEO for that game studio and it showed.


Its disappointing how similar all these games are. So much trepidation.


of course all aRPGs share similar design. the probelm with D4 is they messed it hard, and they have also the badluck that LE released and POE2 will release soon, so Blizzard is desperate to do somthing and do not know what to do so try to copy what is good in LE, e.g. crafting system which is a bit unique to LE right?(do not know too much about POE).
anyway. D4 might have a cnhace because also devs of LE seems to be a bit arrogant like D4 devs, e.g. lets nerf builds(I am ok to nerf OP builds) but when cummunity ask to nerf OP mobs attacks they are quiet… also end-game of LE currently have big issues which might ruin the game in the near future(e.g. no leaderbaords in Legacy, Arena taking 1 hour to push again…)