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Lost stash after crash

Was running mono on my multi strike smiter lvl62 area. game crashed my whole pc and when I relogged into the game my stash looks like it reverted back to before the new update with legendary potential. I’m missing several stash tabs as well as a lot of items I acquired over the last few months of playing. Has anyone else had this issue?

Without more info, like your game logs, its impossible to be sure, but it sounds like the crash caused a corruption of the Epoch_Local_Global_Data_Beta file in your saves folder. There is a backup file with the _temp suffix that may still be working… i.e. you can rename the non-temp one to something else and rename the _temp one to be the active one.

Unfortunately, if both files are corrupted or overwritten then there is nothing anyone can do - everything is local to your machine and unless you have backups there is no other copy.

In a VERY specific instance, if the stash still exists but there are missing tabs or duplicate tabs, then there is a way to restore a corrupted Stash file by manually editing the stash file - THIS DOESNT HELP FOR A GENERAL CORRUPTED STASH, only one that is messed up - see the following thread Stash category duplicate - need to manually modify a file? to see if this could be what you are experiencing - Note there are other threads linking to this one that may also apply.

Just an additional note regarding the crash specifically…

If you include your game logs (player.log and player-prev.log) from when the game crashed (they overwrite) then the cause of the crash could be established…

Usually tho, crashes are performance related - ie… trying to play the game at settings that the hardware cannot handle or without limits to prevent the game maxing out hardware components (like the GPU) constantly… The current 0.8.5 version is unoptimised and has known performance related instability so its usually recommended that you chose more conservative settings if you are experiencing crashes.