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Lost Power for 5 days, lost a character, all my stash and my gold

Title says - Lost a character, my entire stash and all of my gold. Any resolutions for this I can try?

Hey. Welcome to the forums…

All savegames and stash files are local to your computer so if anything happened to the files then that would explain why you dont have a character etc…

If the same files where corrupted when you lost power, then they could also be corrupted and there would be no way to fix that.

EHG has no copies of your files - everything is on your machine.

If you are on windows and changed your login, then the savegames are in the wrong folder and cannot be loaded.

If you are using Steam then Steam Cloud might have messed up and not sync;d your files correctly - this is especially true if you tried to play on another machine with your steam account. You may have to login to Steam via a webbrowser and see what files are in your remote store.

Savegames etc are in C:\Users[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games\Last Epoch\ on windows.