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Lost character after bluescreen

hey, today i got bluescreen when playing LE and my character was deleted.
i try to go on saves folder and delete “_temp” but it not help there is any way to restore character?
Player.log (32.6 KB)
Player-prev.log (23.8 KB)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (474 Bytes)
DxDiag.txt (125.9 KB)

also i dont lost my stash tab and all materials for crafting. only character was missing


If the game was trying to access the savegame when the bluescreen happened then it likely corrupted that particular savegame and there is nothing that can be done.

The _temp file is a copy of the last saved version - sometimes you can get your character back if its not also corrupted - so deleting it was not the right thing to do.,… You could have removed the savegame and renamed the _temp file to the savegame name… It doesnt always work, but you could have tried that…

There is no way to restore the files if you dont have any backups… Steam cloud has no way of knowing if a file is corrupted so it usually just copies the messed up one…

Your stash etc are stored in a totally different global file.

Some comments about your game crashing and info in the files you provided:

  • Make sure you verify your game files after crashing or having problems with LE… lots of issues can be solved just by making sure that none of the game files are corrupted.

  • LE has performance related instability - i.e. it crashes if you push the graphics settings. Increased resolution, any settings High or greater and not doing framelimiting are known factors in increasing the instability - even on the latest and greatest hardware… If you are finding the game generally unstable, then try the following: Set the game temporarily to 1080p, 60fps framerate limited (not vsycn) and ALL ingame settings to very low or disabled… Play the game for a while to gauge if its more stable… If it is, then you need to slowly increase the settings until you get to something that is stable but still looks ok to play… If its stable… then increase the res back to 2560x1440p… test again… if its still stable, then increase the framelimit to your monitors capability or less - DO NOT remove the limit and monitor your GPU usage to make sure that its not maxing out all constantly - if it is, reduce the framelimit a little… Test again… if its stable, then you can start increaseing the in-game settings testing as you go… The general concensus is that if you are experiencing instability, you shouldnt go higher than Medium for most settings… High seems to be the trigger point for instability but each person needs to test it for themselves… Your hardware has very little to do with this… even people with 3080 that experience instability have to be more conservative with the settings until EHG has a chance to address the performance issues in the game.

  • The end of your dxdiag contains a diagnostic section… Its difficult for me to read as I do not understand Polish, but you need to go through those errors especially the ones that read LiveKernelEvent 141 (this could be hardware or device driver errors - not good) and BlueScreen (obviously not good)…

  • Also… try not to run any other applications while playing LE… at least to make sure that they are not the ones causing LE to crash…

yea i try renaiming it but it dont works. so sad :frowning:

This finally happened to me as well yesterday. Blue screen followed by character and items being completely missing. :frowning: I found some threads from over a year ago where people ran into this. Really should up the priority on this massive problem.

Hey… Welcome to the forums…

The loss of a character is only a possible side-effect of the game crashing - it is not a cause that can be fixed… the game crashing can be cause by many different reasons which is expected as the game is still in beta… eventually the causes of the crashes will diminish but imho this will take a long time… My reply to the OP is some possible ways to improve stability in the game right now. If you would like similar, then post your info as the OP did.

As with all beta games it make sense to backup your savegames manually… It is what I do as I wouldnt want to lose 800h of playtime in characters and loot collected…

The savegames are in
C:\Users[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games\Last Epoch
obviously on windows.

Obviously when the Multiplayer features of the game go live then the game will have an offline (like currently) and an online version which will have characters which will be independant of each other… the online characters will be stored on EHG servers and will not be subject to local corruptions… The offline ones will obviously always be vulnerable to something local - like file corruption, harddrive failure etc…