Lost ALL account bound progress on non Harcore non Solo Character

For some context I started my character in Hardcore no Challenge but I died pretty soon in the campaign so I’ve been playing in Softcore no Challenge for basically the entire span of my character. Anyways, now suddenly all my stash tabs, my Gold, my Progress in Merchant guild etc. have been entirely deleted. I suspect this is a bug that had something to do with me testing around how the HC/SAC/SCF mechanics work. I created some other characters in these categories respectively and wanted to see how exactly the stash is shared for different types of characters. Unfortunately I can’t recall exactly what I did but I know I created a HC + SCF character let him die to enter SC SCF and then I tried to abandon the SCF challenge which by the way also didn’t work. I then created another character in SC SAC and also tried to abandon the Solo Challenge there but it also didn’t work. Maybe I also did some other stuff (but exclusively on characters that weren’t my main) and when I relogged into my main character everything was gone

I have the exact same issue. Had a SC (non-ssf) lvl 73 character. Created a HC SSF character. Character died. Tried to abandon SSF and both characters now have nothing in stash.

Well I guess at least it seems to be replicable. Were you also not able to abandon the challenge? Hopefully there’s some sort of backup for the stash so it can be restored as pretty much all I’ve done these past few days is play this game and now most of my progress is gone

Attempted to abandon and the confirmation dialog just stays there. Nothing happens.

FYI - There’s another thread with others reporting the same issue… LOST ALL ITEMS BANK ALL Gold ALL Runes ALL Material for Forge, IDOLE, LEGENDARY AFTER UPDATE

see Notice: Hardcore Character Issue