Losing progress on offline characters

Clicking leave game causes LE to become unresponsive, but force closing the game is causing my character to be reset to level 1. Also, new SCF characters are starting with thousands of gold and crafting materials.

Reinstalling seemed to stop this from happening for one character, but deleting a character caused unresponsiveness in the main menu and requires switching to and from online character selection (only for this issue to start happening again). Verifying game files hasn’t helped.

This is after slow online disconnects during gameplay (to LE, not to the internet) have demoted multiple hardcore characters to softcore upon hitting the main menu, so I’m struggling to play either online or offline without pretty serious progress loss

Player.log (74.2 KB)

FYI for anyone else is having this problem, after trying some things (like disabling Steam cloud saves) and having no luck, it appears to be a problem that starts with improper character deletion.

The appropriate CHARACTERSLOT file in the ./Last Epoch/Saves folder seems to get deleted, but the corresponding STASH_CYCLE files are not. Then I have the leftover gold/mats on the new character for that slot, and the quit game options start to hang indefinitely without progress saving. Manually deleting the STASH_CYCLE files seems to fix it until another character is deleted

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