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Looting options, and some QoL

Just curious if a button can be added so that I can loot gear near my feet. Please dont confuse this with auto path to loot, its just a simple key bind like the one in grimdawn that lets you loot items in a small radius around you without having to spam click the mouse.

Another idea taken from GD ofcourse is allow us to have an option to autoloot crafting materials, GD done it for components and tbh im still trying to get over the amount of components i hand looted before this QoL was added.

Ive seen this idea suggested but the minimap should also have a toggle hide feature or at least give us the option to make it smaller which actually brings me to my next point. Why is there no option to rescale the ui, because on my native screen the ui simply will not fit and some of it goes offscreen IE skills menu and im forced to use a smaller screen res/ratio so that it fits.

  • key item pickup
  • autoloot craft materials option
  • ui rescale
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They already were plenty of discussions about automated crafting material loot.

Even Grim Dawn devs didn’t want to implement it and did it years later.

Here is one of the most recent ones.

TL:DR: It’s not as simple as just implementing such feature, there are alot of people that don’t like having something similar to this.

The loot button is something I’d like. Just a bit different than you suggested. Like I said on another topic, it would be nice to have

  • A loot button for picking up crafting mats
    • vacuums every shard/rune in range
    • no clicking on crafting mats anymore
    • would be nice for controller users, too
  • A loot button for picking up items you see (after lootfilter)
  • A button to auto stash crafting mats
    • no need to open the inventory first before stashing


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I was in closed testing for GD when the votes where on the forums long before it was on steam asking players if they wanted to auto loot components or not. It was actually voted against it during the closed testing I actually recall voting No auto loot.

After playing the game for thousands and thousands of hours i realize how much of a mistake my vote was and i guess so did other people.


LE already has AoE loot.

And at the start GD had Component Pieces and not whoel components dropping.
I could agree that looting the pieces could feel a bit tedious.
But since they have reduced the amount of components dropping but if they drop it’s a complete component i would argue, they could remove the auto-looting :smiley:

Yeah, after thousands of hours in that game…once auto-looting of components was added as an option for players I was so ecstatic. What a great QoL feature to finally have. Though, a bit late imo, but it certainly made playing the game a lot more enjoyable.

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