Lootfilter improvements (map icons, unique filtering)

Uniques already have minimap icons by default, so i can’t imagine it’s being so hard to implement minimap icon option in lootfilter configs for other items.
In the current state of game, exalted afffixes on correct bases or exalted items with good affix combination, and affix combinations on idols (getting correct combinations might be harder than getting rarest uniques in game) are just much-much more rare and desired, than another unique with 0 legendary potential, marked on minimap and taking player attention. And at same time, it’s so easy to miss them: monsters dying behind on dot builds, monsters dying offscreen on ranged/minion builds, or simply playing build with very high movement speed (rogues, lich form, shapeshifting).
Also, speaking of uniques, would be very nice to have ability to filter them too, by exact unique item and available legendary potential/weaver’s will.
I know, these suggestions aren’t new (iirc i already suggested few improvements for filters, including minimap icons, much earlier, before MP arrived). But still, they are really needed for anybody, playing LE for a long time.


I don’t think it is about how hard to implement it is. The devs said that they want to be particularly careful with things that can negatively impact user experience and performance. Both of these could be impacted by these things.

You can already set up your loot filter in such a way that specific uniques are impacted by loot filter rules. (this way you can only show specific uniques you want or emasize/recolor them).

LP/Weaver’s Will is something the devs said they highly dislike adding, together with FP as well.

These dev stream quotes appear very relevant to this thread:


A lot of players including me have asked for a better loot filter. If devs continue being too careful about adding QOL that players ask for, third party tools will inevitably emerge. I think it is possible to make an OCR overlay to at least highlight interesting rolls/LP etc. on mouse hover. Small piles of gold, uninteresting shards and keys cannot be hidden, but they can be at least replaced with black boxes. It can consume a lot of CPU resources and then definitely negatively impact the game experience, but players will still use it. Until LP and other filters are finally added, because the devs had to, not because players asked. “If you can’t beat 'em, join 'em”

Smart thing would be learning from from others’ mistakes. POE trading is a good example. It started with devs sticking to their vision, but players found a way around it, implementing their own system, with players posting items on forums, bots scrapping them and displaying on the aggregator sites. The whole thing gone out of control. API was overloaded. Players didn’t like relying on slow third-party website, but that was too effective to miss out. New player couldn’t know about existence of that site withing the game. Devs could shut down the API, but players would get mad, so they had to implement their own trade site. TFT is another aggregator for game bulk trades and services, proven guilty for thousands of dollars RMT. All of that could be avoided, if there were timely controlled official solutions for player needs. But no, POE 2 is confirmed to have the same trade system. With all the bots, scams, RMT, and whispering into the void. I don’t want to play POE just because trading is so annoying, and without it drops are horrible.

Just remembered, that I wanted to make a mouse macro to send shards to the stash with a single button press. I like to play with mouse only, so that annoys me a lot.

Sticking to the vision is good, until it ruins the game. Instead of deciding for players, how they should play, maybe provide more options?

Good post OP! I feel exactly the same way after playing a ton over the last 2 weeks. Dev’s of all ARPG games play for 15 minutes at a time, players play for many hours. And the little things like this add up fast. I am about done with my stint in LE for now due to being overwhelmed with sorting loot after each run, despite a good loot filter. Idols everywhere and no way to filter them. I leave half the loot behind me on the map and never see it. Junky unique items filling my inventory. Having to run back to try and not miss click on the shards 4 times due to the tiny hitbox. Just tedious stuff that can easily be fixed. You summed it up well.

And can we get a setting that automatically shows advanced item tooltips? You know, the Ctrl-Alt thing we have to do to compare every single item in the game. I have done it 100k times this week I think, save my poor hand!

The devs seem to not want filters to be too powerful at filtering loot, presumably out of fear of people creating the LE equivalent of Uber-strict filters. I think this is fair.

However, I cannot understand for the life of me why they would be against a basic QOL improvement like changing the font-size.


You can filter them. It’s a bit annoying because the affixes are group under one big idol affix group and not by what can drop per type of idol.

If you give people a tool to filter loot they should be able to filter to their hearts content in the boundries of the game systems. If there are some technical limitiations those should be communicated openly and directly where everyone can take a look at this information. Instead we have a guessing game why stuff is working for A but not for B while A and B are the same thing with different color code.

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What I want is


Because I lost count of how many times a great item dropped of screen(because I could not count it, I do not even know when it happens)

Yeah drop sounds would be nice. I need somone who screems “ALARM!” if a 3LP unique drops ^^.

Custom drop sounds would be great. Checking for loot really slows down minion/DoT builds. And sometimes I miss even unique drops when there is a lot going on. Loot filter sounds are in the same category as combat sounds. I would like to have separate sound option for loot filter.

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To those that are saying maybe it’s better to just look for loot, aren’t accounting for DoT or turret builds that really need this QOL improvement. If it’s not added, direct damage builds are strictly always better for farming gear. I can’t imagine that would be intended.

This is possible in PoE and while it’s nice to have a built-in loot filter that is simple, exposing 3rd party tools for things like this is sometimes an OK solution at least to start. Power players just need a way to do it. If performance is affected by adding too many of these players will just have to manage that themselves or it needs to be prioritized for development.

Just a no for certain things isn’t an option in my opinion (as a dev).

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