Loot in MoF

Is it normal in first 4 echoes area level 80 all loot dropped has all affixes T1?
And yes, I mean all, not majority of drops.
End chest it’s ok, tiers 1-5
Is this intentional of some bug?

Edited: 6th echo, all affixes T1, except one rare with 3 T1 and 1 T5
I’ve been clearing all enemies and chests to confirm. This seems not good to me, only the final chest drops loot worth to look just in case.

No, but there are 2 posts on the bug forum about it.

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Ok, I see.
It had happened to me before, buy I wasn’t sure, as I only picked up loot for my build.
Should I repost this in bugs forum?

You could probably post in one of those threads I linked.

I’ve done it, thanks!

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