Possible bug in loot drops (level 60ish)

I’m not totally sure is this actually bug or not, but I noticed a weird looking behaviour in the game so thought I post it anyway.

I’ve been playing level 62 monolith area, Stolen Lance, for 6 echoes and recently reached levels 60 and 61. Playing hardcore mode, though I doubt it has anything to do with loot. I noticed that suddenly over 90% (maybe even over 95%) of affixes on drops are tier 1 (and I started to look every single blue/yellow item since it seemed weird). This opposite to earlier level 55 monolith area when tiers were higher and more evenly split. The problem happens in echoes, as well as with reward chests after an echo. Also with shop but since it has so few items compared to other two that it’s hard to say for sure. It has been too long to be considered as bad luck only. When I tested it on latest campaign areas, drops were of lot higher tiers again.

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After playing more my theory has confirmed itself. The worst case was one echo where killing the boss dropped a lot of loot normally, then when I checked each item, out of 32 affixes on items, 31 were tier 1 affixes.

After level 62 timeline, I tried level 68 timeline. It was maybe a bit better but still lot of tier 1 affixes, maybe something like 70-80% of all affixes. Even tried level 75 timeline, which again felt like improving things with about 50-70% of affixes being tier 1.

If I returned to level 55 timeline, loot was “normal” again with many items having multiple high tier affixes again and maybe 20-30% of all affixes were tier 1.

Also, the loot itself doesn’t seem to be low level, as I do get new higher level requirement items, it’s just that all the affixes are rubbish.

Side note: As much as I enjoy experiencing new fights and content, having basically no loot really has lowered my interest to play the game. I guess that should be obvious but now it was tested at least :slight_smile: .

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Bump - I also have this issue.

@SirYodi Did you find any ways to fix this issue? Trying to decide if I should abandon my character.

No, I haven’t found any fix. Just playing on seems to have improved it a little bit but it still doesn’t feel like what it did earlier (before the bug?). Then again, it’s my first character that has reached so far (playing HC), so I don’t know what loot should be at that point. I might try a new character myself to see it it happens again or not.

We’re looking into this issue-- it’s not something we’ve encountered internally yet but we’ve begun investigating.

As we have two threads on this issue, I’m going to direct the conversation to here: All Item Rolls are Tier 1. Please check there if you’re having this issue. Thanks!