Loot Filter Tutorial

I’m not a professional content creator, so forgive me if the sound quality or anything is a bit grainy.

For those interested in the filters I referred to in the video:

Thanks, @Heavy for the great post!

I hope this helps some people out and can be a resource for newer players.


Hey Albinosaurus,

Thank you for the shoutout.

Here is some feedback and critique:


  • Rename some of the rules, so their name clarifies what their goal is. So you don’t need to click the rule to see what it exactly does.

  • If you do make a specific rule for Exalted Items i would differentiate between T6 and T7 exalted colour/emphasize wise

  • Your “Recolour White” Rule could be way easier by just going: Recolor → Item Rarity → Normal Item, that way you don’t need to select all those affixes

  • The Second rule you created yourself would have worked if you select “with at least 1 of theses affixes on the same item” (if you then would create anotehr rule with at least 3 affixes for the rare version),
    but that rule doesn’t make much sense in that context, you could simply do it via a Item Rarity Condition → Magic Item


  • Hold {Alt} to disable loot filter = incorrect. It’s hold {X} by default.

  • The way your explained Rule Priority and Rules overruling other rules was super confusing. You said “the bottom of your list are your baseline rules, these are always true in a sense”, which is not true.
    You continued saying, top rules are “exceptions to those baseline rules”… “if there is conflict”. This is also not true. In fact the loot filter works from Top to Bottom and they is no conflict, never.
    Every single item will only get filtered by one single rule. As soon as an Item is touched by a rule, it does ignore any other rule below that.

  • At this point you should emphasize, that an item needs to match all conditions to get filtered by a given rule.

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Appreciate these points. I think describing the rules on top as “exceptions” makes it simpler to understand on a conceptual basis, though, because it explains that they override the rules below. This might be different for each person, though. Depending on the reception/feedback, I might go into more detail about it in another video if needed.

I’ll be sure to add this to the description.

I updated the video description to link to your thread as well.

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I don’t know, maybe it’s that different for different persons.

But explaining it via “exceptions” is very confusing for me xD

You can explain how the loot filter works way easier in one sentence: “Each Item will get checked against rules from top to bottom, until the item matches all conditions of a rule.”

With the way you described it, i could see people being confused, because they think the bottom rules are also releveant for filtering items… dunno.

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I get that. If you think about the rules on top as being exceptions, it still follows the same logic.

If my “base” rules say something like, “Recolor all items with any affixes of tier 4 and below to Cyan,”
Then I have another rule above it stating, “Recolor all items with +skills on them to Red,”
I’m pretty sure most people will understand that Red is an exception to Cyan–or will show first in the filter.

Then again, if I’m wrong and enough people say they found it confusing, I have no problem making a Pt 2 to get into more detail and clarify mistakes in this video.

thanks for this!

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My understanding is that the “base” rule is at the top. Then, the lower we go, the lower the priority. So if rule #4 is “Recolor Exalted in red” and rule #6 is “Recolor Rogue items in blue”, an Exalted bow will appear red. Once a rule is matched, the filter stops checking other rules for a specific item. That was my instinctive understanding and that’s how my filter work.

Yeah, it’s basically different ways of describing the same behavior. This is why I think it might be different from person to person.

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Yes, that’s true. And in such situations, I usually stick to what is already in place, in order to have all information go the same way. Not from the same starting point, but not from a totally opposite one either.
Here, see the loot filter window. The top says “Rules positioned higher in this list overrule those below them”. It’s the message I would personnaly tend to enforce, because I fear people could be confused if I said the same thing in the totally opposite way.
The way you’re saying it (the choice of the “override” word) implies that the default rule is at the bottom, then the filter goes from bottom to top and sees if any rule can override a previous one. But there is no “override” in the system: the first matched rule stops the filter. It really starts from top to bottom and stops reading rules when one matches.
What you say if of course basically true, but I fear it could lead people to misunderstand the system.

Sorry to be a bit “pedantic”, designing training courses is one of the most “fun” part of my career and I could go on for hours talking about this… :sweat_smile:

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No need for apology. I’m open to feedback and appreciate it. I don’t have/use any video editing software, so the default option is just a part 2. So far I don’t have enough material to justify that unless I want to go down the very deep rabbit hole of what literally everything in the filter can do. This feedback is definitely the kind of thing I would include if I end up making that follow-up video.


And my main point is what I wrote in a comment under your video on YouTube:
“Thanks for this video, it’s always nice to see people taking time to explain things.” :wink:


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