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Ive been watching Rhykker stream LE for the last week and he is COMPLETLY hopeless when it comes to the loot filter… It could just aswell have been rocket science. I tried to guide him through it but he only got more confused so i ended up making a loot filter for him.

Seeing as he is an experienced player when it comes to ARPGs and still cant figure it out it might be to hard to understand. You might want to make a tutorial video for it and add a link in the lootfilter window that takes you to the video so new players can learn how it works.

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Could also add 2 lootfilters for every class in the game for players to choose from. For example “Druid level 1-75” and “Druid level 76+”

What exactly is confusing him? The most things should be self explaining.

The only important thing to pay attention to, is the hierarchy of the individual filters. You’ve to order the single filters by drag and drop.

Drag recolor / show items above hide items.

May this video helps: 0.8d Last Epoch Loot Filter Guide - YouTube

Everything confused him. the menues the options in the menues. he thought he had to make a different filter for every affix and so on. And i do not think he will be alone in this. that is why i sugest an easy way to get access to a tutorial in the game so ppl who are not used to googling stuff for games can get the help they need. ppl comming from PoE that are used to either downloading filters or making their own wont really have any troubble with it. and ppl who has played LE for 100+ hours wont have any trouble either. But newer players and espessialy players new to ARPGs wont get it at all i think.

I didn’t know someone already made a video for this, so I made one. Hopefully it helps some folks out.


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Rhykker’s a good guy, but he’s far from being some “pro” gamer. =)

I did not say he is a “Pro Gamer” just that he is experienced, wich he is. And you should not have to be a pro gamer to understand the game mechanics of a game, should you?

this is not to be a personal attack but Rhykker is an idiot. He gets stuff wrong all the time he just has a channel. it aint hard tell him to go learn. I mean he did a d2/3 compare back when necro released and didnt even know how many skellys you could summon on d2. Ill watch fungi grow before I listen to him

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Not to understand the game, but I’m not sure he made much effort to even do that. I think he was just looking for some low-effort content. He’s not the guy you go to for How-To content.

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