Loot Filter options

a lot of options would be nice with the loot filter

  • ignoring inherent abilities, so you can check for boots with actual run speed and not get them all, or wands/septer/staff with actual +spell damage as an affix

  • a check on how many of an affix you already have, so you can build up your forge reserve easily : for instance, show all items with an affix i have less than 10 in my forge

  • could be nice to be able to apply the loot filter when checking a merchant

  • when recoloring, being able to use the relic colors, way too many colors are unreadable with a black background

I am not sure how you mean than, but I think it already work the way, you want it to be.

If you filter for “movement speed” affix, the boot implicit don’t matter.
You will only see boots with a movement speed affix.
Implicit values can not be filtered, only item sub types can be filtered.

Also wands with +spell damage affixes do not exist. All wands have +spell damage on their implicit, but there is not +spell damage affix.
The only affixes that grant spell damage are for Scepters or 1H Swords

Time for me to mention once again… I only need ONE RULE in the loot filter…

Forging Potential > x

Please add it devs. Trolling the player by making him/her look at much more loot than they need to is not in any way “immersive”; it is simply creating frustration among players.

There are no plans to add this currently.

Also voicing your opinion and how you would like it or if you are unhappy with the current implementation is fine.
But calling this “trolling the player” is way too extreme of a exaggeration.

I think it’s absolutely bad for the game if they would add either FP or LP to the loot filter.
It will always will bring us one step closer to not look at loot at all and just pick items up blindly.

The function of a loot filter is not to make decisions for you, what to pick up and what not to pick up.
The loot filter is for reducing the amount of visible items to a manageable level. You are still supposed to look at loot and decide if you want to keep and item or not.

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Yet it absolutely is in my opinion. I thought the forms were for giving your opinion.

Oh the horror. That’s what a loot filter is for. If I am still having to view trash loot then the loot filter is not fit for purpose. Right now, unless levelling an alt, anything with FP less than 30 is absolute trash. Shrug.

Please explain the difference between me not wanting to see any 2-handed weapons, and me not wanting to see items with less than x FP?

Again, if you think this way, that is fine.

But expressing this in such a extreme form sounds like you accusing the devs of ill will. When they genuinely think it’s better for the game (and I agree with that sentiment)

Yes it’s total horror.
Moving the goal posts will lead to the next wave of suggestions moving it even more slightly until we reach a point where it’s not about interacting with loot anymore.

There is a difference between not wanting to use certain item types at all and items with specific characteristics.
Again, there needs to be some kind of decision-making if you want an item or not. You cannot decide if an item is good or bad solely by its FP, but it’s a combination of several different things.

One item might have better affixes, but less FP, the other ones has worse affixes, but more FP.

Choosing which ones you want to pick up and which ones you don’t want to pick up needs to be decided by the player, not by the system.

It’s really not that extreme.

Saying that a feature design in a certain way is “trolling the player” is pretty far on one end of the spectrum for me.

Not as a native speaker its not. Or maybe you’re just taking thongs to seriously.

OK then I will ask a slightly different question. What is the difference between me not wanting to see items unless they have “Minion Damage” on them and not wanting to see items with less than 30 FP?

Why? If loot filter did the job, I’d only see items I want to pick up. That’s what loot filters are for.

Not true. I have sufficient numbers of almost all shards that I do not need crap to smash; all I need is solid bases to craft with. And that needs > 30 FP. Since I pick up loot for 20 alts, that’s the only filter rule I need now. If I were levelling a new alt then sure I would not need an FP rule at that time.

So you agree there should be a loot filter condition for FP.

Why? It’s wasting my time. I ma level 100 rushing through a mono and my loot filter is showing me items with 14 FP. Ludicrous.

Player time is super precious these days, the most precious resource of all - any game wasting it when it doesn’t need to is trolling the player.

This is not leading anywhere.

We both have vastly different takes on what the loot filter should or should not do.
While there are some more advanced options that I still would like to see I am quite happy that the devs do not implement everything (like FP or LP).

I really don’t want LE turn into brain dead asian farming simulator.
Some of these suggested loot filter options together with auto pick up are the things I want to never see… Hopefully.

So if you find and exalted with the other three affixes at T4, T4, and T5 and they are all affixes you like (or at least three) then you still need at least how much FP?

Just noting that amount of FP alone isn’t a good decision point for whether an item is good or not in my opinion.

I cover exalted with a different loot rule. Other than when levelling an alt, I need 4 rules…

Show epics, set items and exalteds in their normal colour
Show anything with FP > 30 in red
Show anything with scarce/chase affixes in green, regardless of item type or class
Hide everything else (except idols)