Loot Filter Integration

There are two things I continually want to be able to do while creating a filter. This could be caused by the fact that I have only been collecting affixes with an understanding as to why I am doing so for a few days… but I digress.

Each filter I have created so far always shows me entirely too much loot. This is because when I am choosing affixes for my character class and build, I emphasize/highlight too many affixes. Common affixes. Affixes like spell power, or crit multi.

This is my suggestion. Allow the crafting backpack that holds your affixes to be accessible while the loot filter menu is open so you can see how many affixes of a particular type you have in your inventory, better yet, have the game engine put a number next to each affix inside the loot filter that represents the number of those shards that you possess, better yet, allow the creation of a rule that selects all affixes that are selected and also are equal to, more than, or less than a particular number.

This would allow me to select all affixes that are necessary for my character while at the same time preventing me from seeing every piece of gear that rolls with +mostcommonshard+ because I did not realize I have 1k shards of that type already.

RECOLOR affixes 112 selected <50 inventory & >= tier 4

I would assume this functionality is a bit quicker to accomplish compared to altering the UI to include the number of each type of shard on the loot filter menu. It also bears saying that this is for breaking down gear that I do not plan to use in order to harvest the shards for crafting at a later time.

I love this freaking game. I love the built in loot filter. Total Gem.


PS: how do we create a new “tag”? ie: lootfilter

I forgot to add: It would be super if the same filter could be used on our “Chest Inventory” in game. Maybe I have not figured out how to use the current built in filter, but trying to organize after the fact takes exponentially longer than it should due to my inability to look for things more quickly.

For example, Currrently I have no open tabs as well as not enough gold to purchase my 35th tab. This means I have to either use the limited space in my character sheet inventory to move things in and out of, or use the ground at my feet (in game) to throw stuff that I am currrently sorting through. Problem here is they change colors the moment I let go of them. I basically spend most of my time confirmiung and reconfirming which piece is which.

Id much rather be running a monolith. But four hours organizing 5000 items in a drawer the size of my pocket is fun too? :smiley: LOL

Hey there…

Its not in-game, but have you tried Dammits Lootfilter export from his Build Planner… it creates a lootfilter based on your build - see Last Epoch Tools… So you could create your own ideal build and then export the lootfilter for it…

The idea of applying the lootfilter to the Stash & Inventory has been a very often requested feature… Not sure if the devs are entertaining it tho… :wink: I have 120 stash tabs and right now I chuck the items on the ground for the lootfilter to work, then I put them back in the stash based on the lootfilter sorting… tedious but it works for now…

Also… Have you looked at this - its very good for new players… and those trying to understand the loot filter system better…


I have not tried out the lootfilter tool that adjust itself to your build, sounds cool! I have definitely made use of Heavy’s many guides though! Thanks!

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