Loot Filter Improvements Coming This Week

In Patch 0.7.10 we implemented Loot Filters, a Phase 4 item from our Early Access Forecast. Since releasing this patch we have been poring over your feedback to see what works well, what you’d like to see improved, and what new functionality you want added.

One area in which we saw a clear need for improvement was the default names for certain rule types. In an update we’re preparing to release in the very near future, these names have been updated to provide more information so they are more meaningful.

Here are two examples of rule names generated in both Patch 0.7.10b, and Patch 0.7.10c;

Before & after comparisons showing rule name changes in Patch 0.7.10c.

When initially designing our Loot Filters, we decided to make it as easy as possible for them to be shared between members of the community - and we’ll have more news on this soon™!

While we were working to improve rule names we discussed ways of better accommodating those creating Loot Filters to share with others. Our solution to this is the introduction of custom rule names. These bring the added flexibility of being able to leave simple instructions to those using your Loot Filter, such as Show Other Classes' Exalted Items (Disable If Solo) or Hide Boots Without Movement Speed (Enable If Racing), right beside the checkbox that controls whether a rule is currently enabled. The aim is to faciliate some customization by the users of Loot Filters who wish to spend the least time looking at them.

Some rule names you might use yourself (or not).

Thank you for your feedback, and please do keep it coming. We’ll be reading!


WOAH, so fast!

Looks great! Happy to be able to customize rule names.

Do we have a rough time table on when this is coming? 8.0?

“Loot Filter Improvements Coming This Week” :slight_smile:


Next minor patch version

Fast improvements! So glad to see this team keep iterating the way they have been. It would be nice to have the normal “show loot” ARPG key (alt) default to “show all loot even if it isn’t in my filter”, for those of us who like to periodically double-check the ground without being barraged with clutter the rest of the time.

While we’re on the subject of the ALT key and looting, can we get an Options menu toggle to make item comparisons work the other way around from normal (IE, always on and holding the key removes them)? I basically always want to see a comparison if I am mousing over an item for any amount of time.

Any news on “total affix tier count” or “affix pairings” for rule condition?


This is already available;

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Always love to see how fast you guys respond to feedback. This is a most welcome improvement.

Hopefully you add the level 1 bases to the filter rules, currently they slip through if they meet mod requirements as they are not included in the base class tables.

Great to hear…I have been tooling with the current loot filter, and have been enjoying the qol improvement that it is. Excited about the changes to come!

Always good to take :+1:

Thanks, having a lootfilter made this game so much better already!

Are there plans to add extra features to the filter? The main ones I am personally looking forward to are:

  • highlighting based on rolls of implicits: to enable white bases with perfect rolls to show up
  • the ability to “link” statements: show gloved that have two T4+ rolls of any of following resistance affixes

Hey EHG, great work with the lootfilters.

Quick question - are you guys working on a fix for the bug where incorrect items get capitalised if you have an emphasize rule set? Items that should be in caps are not, while other items that should have regular labels are capitalised.

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