Loot Filter - Emphasize bug

If I create a filter rule to emphasize yellow (rare) items (or some specific items) the Filter for some weird reason also emphisizes some blue / other items too ( I can’t get why it is doing that though, can’t see the pattern).

I did notice same bug: random item getting emphasized but when I pick up them and drop again on the ground they are no longer emphasized. Also sometimes happens with arena key and random shards.
The filter I use:
Lich.xml (45.2 KB)

I’ve confirmed that emphasize isn’t working consistently right now-- we’ll look into this internally. Thanks!

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Just wanted to say this bug still exists. Emphasizing doesn’t work properly :confused:

Yeah, the emphasise option does seem to like applying itself to more stuff than it should.

The only workaround for now is to disable “Emphasize” and go with “recolor” :slight_smile:

Same bug over here. It seems like tapping the loot filter toggle button (default ‘X’) fixes it for items that have already dropped in that zone. Doesn’t help for future drops, but hey, at least it’s reminiscent of holding ALT after drops in D2 :upside_down_face:

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