Loot Filter - Emphasis bug

Recreating this thread

I am still encountering issues when I am configuring my own filter. It is fixed by pressing ‘X’ or by closing or the loot filter menu

Bumping this, as I have a very similar issue.

I have a simple loot filter setup - rule 1, hide all normal items, rule 2, show (emphasize) all items with one of 12 different affixes (like +int, +spell damage etc).

The hiding part works, but it only emphasizes loot on the ground if i open the loot filter window by pressing shift-f (without changing anything in the loot filter), but not before. Then the items highlight and remain emphasized even if I close the loot filter window correctly.

My dxdiag is here
DxDiag.txt (109.6 KB)

Similar problems here. I setup a super basic filter while leveling a rogue with show+emphasize in one rule followed by hide common after it.

Items will not drop in allcaps, but if I tap X, it will kick in and emphasize them.

On the other hand, if I use Recolor on rule 1 instead of Show, it works as expected.

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