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Looking for Last Steps of the Living

So I see that they only drop from Frost Lich Formosus. Does that mean I just have to keep doing level 75 over and over until they possibly drop from the boss or is there another way? Thank you in advance!

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Yes, that’s the only place that those boots will drop. It either has a 15% chance to drop or an 85% chance to drop.

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I was afraid of that. Just under a 15% drop chance. On my 5th run this morning… :smiley:

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Dont know if the fixed it but in the past this worked:

Kill the boss
Check loot
If you did not get the boots just leave the mono now
You “failed” it and just loose some echos

Happy farming


That “not an intended functionality” (aka, an exploit).


Ok so I’m super frustrated. I have spent 3 days doing the same set of echos over and over. The amulet always drops. I’ve done this boss no less than 20 times. This is seriously ridiculous. For my lich to be able to go anywhere in arena I feel like I need this for ward. Same thing for my low life BM.

Do those fucking boots ever drop there? Also killed the boss about 15 times and no boots

15% chance to drop.

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Yes, they do drop. I think I got them the first time I killed this boss. Or the second time, maybe. No more: I did this timeline only twice. So yes, these boots still drop.

The first pair I got took me more than 20 runs. I have gotten a few more since then with a better drop rate. It’s all RNG… happy hunting

I had the worst luck. 24 amulets before I got the boots.

Thats pretty unlucky… the RNG gods definitely dont like you…

last steps of the living where art thou???

there you are!


Strongly recommend players intentionally porting out before completing the monolith quest to not do so during this encounter (or similar encounters). There is a strong chance that you can break your quest state and unable to progress. We are tracking this internally.



I have been trying to keep track of how many kills I have done. I believe I am at 72 now and no boots.

I have leveled from 74 to almost 82 on doing this boss and the surrounding echos.

I have had some really bad luck with this game in general.

The worst part for me is how this drop holds my progress. If I’m not mistaken, it’s normal exclusive. If you want it, you have to farm in normal.
At some point, it feels like I’m waiting for the rng to allow me to go forward and experience the other timeline.
The empowered exclusive are fine, since you play the hardest mode and improve the grand blessing.

That being said, I can see the pro’s of this system. With multiplayer up, those who can’t do 100 mono will still have something of value to trade.

All monolith bosses still have the chance to drop their 2 “normal drops” on empowered.

The empowered only drops can also drop on top of the normal drop. (You sometimes get 1 normal item and the empowered drop from one single kill)


Wait whaaaat? So getting the axe and still no boots is just rng playing with me?

Thx for the good news friend! Brb, I have an empowered Lich to stomp… (thx again)

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Yup, in an empowered monolith, the 85/15 roll for amulet/boots is independent to the 10% roll for the axe.

Yep. First time I did Rahyeh in Empowered mode I got the empowered drop (yes, first time) plus the gloves.

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