Login Problem

So i start the game click login, it goes to the next screen where it just shows the last epoch logo it also shows my char name and hp bar mana bar etc… its also dims in and out no idea whats going on. is this happening to anyone else?

Ok so i just figured something out. its only happening when i put graphic settings on high. i can use all other graphic settings except for this one for some reason O_o

Sorry to hear about this!

Could you please confirm for me which version number is in the bottom-right corner?

it says alpha

Hey I cant open the launcher it keep failing - it was being blocked by my firewall and window defender - I turned them off still cant open the launcher. Just say failed, try again?

Any suggestion - just purchased it :9

Just wanted to give an update for what worked for my PC - I deleted all the old stuff I downloaded. I also went and deleted all my temp files - goto file manager and type %temp% and delete all that stuff.

I also restarted my comp and check all my firewall/defender/app scanner off -

it work, thanks all

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