Login issues

In the last 2-3 days, I’m bouncing between “Steam connection required” and LE-52. Sometimes it works (maybe 1 in 30 attempts). The most common error is “Curl error 6: Could not resolve host: df4fe.playfabapi.com” Checked file integrity, flushed DNS, tried VPN, used other ISP, cleared cache files under %appdata%, reinstall… Nothing! in 24 hours of gameplay, wasted maybe 4 hours in failed login attempts.

This leaves a bitter taste… Tried this game (cracked version) on my Zbook 15 with Quadro M2000M, for almost a week, lovely game but hardware performance was poor. Good excuse to buy a new laptop, RTX3060 this time. Paid for the game on Steam, paid a new laptop, paid a month on a VPN, overall more than 1000 EUR, just to waste half a day, on failed login attempts.

Same issue here on my site :frowning:

I’m sure it’s related, they don’t care:

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