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Log In Failure & You Are Not Allowed To Log In

I can’t login as well. It says “Login Failure, Incorrect Username or Password Suspected.” even though I have the correct password, however I reset the password but it still says I cannot login. Even in this forum my main account is locked it says “You are not allowed to log in. Ask your administrator for assistance.” what is happening here!

Can you please provide more information regarding the latter error message?

You do appear to be logged into the forum - and on an account with a supporter pack at that.

Hi Sarno, on the upper right “My Account” link does not display I am logged in, usually in wordpress sites when you are logged in it says your username this site does not. When I click the My Account link it redirects me on the login page. I appear to be logged in the forum.

The My Account link will never display your username.

What happens when you go to log in on the log in page?

I can now login, however yesterday I cannot.

Thanks for the update!

We did have some server-side problems yesterday, so it sounds like this resulted from those.

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