Loading Titan's Canyon freezes entire pc

Title. Just tried again for the fifth time, haven’t had any other issues yet. Hit the zone line, loading screen pops up and everything seems normal for ~20 seconds, then other programs (discord, chrome, etc.) start freezing. Can’t open task manager or anything, forced to do a hard reset. Waited 20+ minutes.


Other people who have experineced freezing and crashing have had success with:

  • installing latest graphics drivers
  • deleting the graphics ini file (search at support.lastepoch.com for details where to find it)
  • verifying steam file integrity or reinstalling the game

I hoep one of these helps

Nothing of these “fixes” helped. Many people experience that. There are many people who reinstalled entire Windows. Unfortunately nothing helped it’s not a software issue with the game, it’s a problem with certain models or terrain on maps, I guess because it’s so random.

It is unfortunate if they didn’t help you, but they helped at least a couple other people, so OP might want to try :slight_smile:

Yeah, maybe, haven’t seen a thread where they helped for months. Got that Problem for a while now, hope it will help OP.

Thanks for the responses!
Drivers are up to date.
Reinstalled twice w no difference.
Verified files w no difference.

You’ll never guess what did work.
Unplugged the controller.


Holy moly.

Ill add that to my list of things.

The controller driver probably has a bug :frowning:

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