Loading times between zones Issue

Hello first and foremost.

I would like to let you know about the heavy loading times i have been experiencing online, those were never an issue in offline, and after testing again they’re still normal in that game mode.
Online though we"re talking about 15 seconds of loading between every echoes for exemple wich is detrimental to the enjoyement to say the least.

Now my latency is awful, and i suspect it has something to do with that considering i’m playing from mayotte, an island in the indian ocean and the game records 199Ms of latency.

Even still, this is the only game to date that gives me such trouble simply loading a zone, considering that everything works in offline i dont really know what i could do to fix the issue.
In the current state anyway, a game that i played for countless hours already will have to be shelved, for my friends are able to play together while i look at a yellow sign swirl indefinitly.

Thank you in advence for any solution you might give me.

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loading screen eat bandwidth.

I am on US East server with 20ms and sometimes maps fail to load completely. I have to leave the game to go back to Character Selection Screen then maybe successfully login back to my character but sometimes that just endlessly spin too > alt + f4 > relaunch cross finger the character login works > redo the same map > cross finger the zone transition works: repeat if failure. My friend experience the same issue.

Edit: I noticed that the issue described above is only happening when playing with my friend doing quests zones. When we do Monolith of Fate together we do not have as many issues. When I do the quest alone on my online character it’s smooth.