Llama's ignite spellblade

As @Odilith on discord asked if there were any builds that could work with lots of uniques, I suggested my ignite spellblade. It only uses 3 uniques, but the rest of the gear is my lvl 2 dodge gear, so you could swap them out for literally any other item & it would perform better…

I’m not saying this is the fastest or best ignite Spellblade build, but it does show just how easy a melee Spellblade is if you can do it with effectively only 3 items.


13/10 - Added some uniques you can use if you have them

How it works

It’s basically the same as my other Spellblade here -
Llama’s Firebrand/Flame Reave Spellblade Tankyboi
But ignite rather than hit-damage.



A few nodes here are your choice:
Incineration, this gives a 120% more modifier to Flame Reave and any ignites it applies, but you could not use this if you really want.
Exothermic, not sure how this works if you have Incineration as well, it might give an additional stack of ignite, or it might not work at all… If it doesn’t work, put the extra point in Crossfire for 90% chance to ignite instead of 60%. Or Fading Flame for more ward.

Flame Reave

I’ve gone for the obvious nodes, the only one I’m less sure about is Flame Caller. It’s nice having it return & do some more damage though the reduced damage modifier is also probably applied to any ignites it applies so I’m not sure if the 7 points to get an additional set of stacks of ignite @ 20% damage is worth it. Alternative places to put those points would be maxing out Slash & Burn (ignite chance) & Heat Wave (% fire damage that gets applied ot the ignites Flame Reave applies as well).

Enchant Weapon

Conflagrate/Searing Conflagration is awesome.
Burst of Fire is probably pointless, so you could probably put that point in Celerity (attack speed) or Efficacy (% elemental damage).

The last 2 skills are your choice, but I went with Teleport & Flame Ward.


Flame Ward

Lots of Ward + 200% fire damage.



No surprises here.


A bit different to my hit-damage Spellblade in that I’m focussing on elemental damage, fire damage, ignite chance & ward gen.

  • Elemental Affinity (elemental damage & resist)
  • Arcane Warden (ward on hit)
  • Elemental Strikes (ignite chance)
  • Arcane Shielding (ward/sec & damage reduction)
  • Shattered Aegis (armour)
  • Essence Duel (attack speed & ward on hit)
  • Prismatic Blade (dex & some flat damage to unlock…)
  • Volka’s Razor (% elemental damage)
  • Molten Edge (ignite chance & % ignite effect = “more” ignite damage)
  • Blade Weaver (“more” damage per stack for Flame Reave & it’s ignites)

Ignore the 1 point in Warden’s Echo & put it somewhere else.


For Sorcerer I’m heading up towards

  • Pyromancer (fire damage & ignite chance)
  • Lavamancer (fire pen & fire leech)

The uniques are

  • Eye of Reen, lots of ignite chance & any crits give you stacks of 5% fire DoT for 5 seconds
  • Calamity, fire damage & 150% ignite chance
  • Soulfire, ignite chance, fire damage if you’ve killed recently, health

Everything else is lvl 2 dodge gear, so, wear whatever you want.

Other Uniques
Boneclamour Barbute is a very good helm since it adds ward per sec and dex & int, both of which are used by the two skills for damage.

Prism Wraps, elemental damage, less ele damage taken & leech on crit.
Exsanguinous, ward gen & immunity to bleed
Woven Flesh, crit avoidance & some leech effects

Avarice, leech
Wing Guards, attack speed, dodge & haste chance on hit
Atrophy % increased DoT damage & slow

Ward Trail, dodge & ward on dodge
Scavenger, potion find & dodge chance
Chains of Uleros if you’re going low life (Exsanguinous/Last Steps of the Living)
Strands of Souls (if you can get it) for mana spent gained as ward, ward retention & ward on potion use

Firey Dragon Shoes for a more ignite modifier (increased ignite effect, though this will be additive with the Molten Edge passive) & an aweful lot of movement speed
Last Steps of the Living for movement speed & ward gen/low life
Rahyeh’s Light for fire damage & some life

Invoker’s Scorching Grasp, probably the best you could get & fairly easy to find with it’s ignite chance & increased fire DoT

Bleeding Heart probably the only decent unique for an ignite melee build

If I could get more, I’d go for a Wildfire Ornate Glass Idol of Cinders which gives ignite duration & fire DoT.

Anything you’ve got that either buffs your fire damage or health/ward/etc is good.


Ideally, Fire damage from Rahyeh, anything useful from Lagon & either block effectiveness or all res from the Dragon Emperor (like my other build).

Videos Abomination: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwZrmYWEQhQ


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