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Lizards Bow Mage | Build Guide | 0.8.4G

(post deleted by author)

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Bleed Puncture is so smooth. You pierce everything, Puncture has alot of bleed chance in tree, and frenzy.

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So if I did the top and right nodes for bleed and poison on Puncture, that’s what you’re talking about?

Mind if I ask what directions you went with Umbral Blades?

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Did you take just enough points t get Bladestorm and then path to the bottom where the bleed/poison nodes are?

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Personally, I kinda followed Lizard’s Detonating Arrow build as my first char and switched to Bowmage after I killed Heorot (I dropped Mourningfrost in Lagon timeline). Flurry(non channel)+DA is nice thanks to huge base dmg from ele arrows and the more dmg from suckerpunch is pretty good early on. Its kinda annoying to get the double hit on regular packs but is not needed much and is good for bosses. I also made a few changes such as shurikens instead of decoy for much better/faster shock + shred + crit vuln and armor. Note this was some patches ago but idt much has changed.

After the patch, this build is hard to play

  • damage dropped a lot without changing my gears
  • mana hardly to maintain
    Hopefully the mana issue get resolved soon

I played it after the patch and I had no mana issue.
We get mana back when we hit an enemy. Are you channelling for long without touching anyone?
About damage, I’d tend to agree: it does less damage.

so how viable is this build after the last patch at the moment?

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Still good to go.

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