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Lizard_IRL's 400+ wave Detonating Arrow 300k+ Crit build 0.8d

Video (thanks to @LizardIRL )

Build Overview

  • High Leech
  • High Damage
  • High Survivability
  • High Arena wave
  • No cons on christmas


  • Initially posted December 24th 2020. Viable for 0.8d




Smoke Bomb
Detonating Arrow


The main affix on idols you want is % critical strike chance Prefix and % increased damage while wielding a bow Suffix.


Below is a Tunklab Gearplanner link that has been put together from the gear shown in the build video. This gear is not be min-maxed correctly but should give you a basic idea on how to get started.

Detonating Arrow Marksman Gear planner Link

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Is there any reason to use Flurry over Cinder Strike? I feel like you get mana back quicker with CS.

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@LizardIRL ^^

IMO flurry feels better and its a fast attack that can be cancelled for emergency situations

Lizard might have better reasoning.

Using cinderstrike of course is viable as well especially with oil coating

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Thanks for the build. Im down to my last 25 points for Marks tree. What would you fill first? Concentration, Etheral Arrows or Arrow Storm.

Think Lizard said on stream that he liked the shock procs from flurry since flurry procs them quite a bit.

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This is correct!

Whit the insane AS from Flurry and the the shock chance on your items, even with the 40% ailment effectivness of Flurry you can stack shock stacks like crazy, making your Detonating Arrows hit way harder (this is very good against single targets with tons of HP)

why does detonating arrow hit harder against shocked enemies? sry if its obvious, i’m noob.

having a relatively similar build at lvl 80, but going for longest arming time with as much attack speed as possible for more explosion area and damage through suckerpunch arrow. having a blast. this build guide helped to identify and work around some flaws i had in my build. thx for the guide

Nice build I m huge fan of detonating arrow it reminds me the Javazone.
I m playing not with your skills and build this way is interesting .
Have you tried with the `-4 bow mana cost and no arming time ( it replaces flurry by black arrow) ? It feels smooth even with no shard adding lightning damage to bow in the game !!!
I m wondering what you think about concentration the boost is huge but you have to be very careful with your movement . The points i ve relocated in elemental damage (generation and damage) .
The lighning penetration could be achieved in the detonating arrow tree and more efficient way than the affix in the amulet (critical multiplier instead)?

I might be wrong here but i think the reason to take lightning pen on amulet is to boost single target dmg, since the lightning pen node on DA tree counts for the Lightning Tendrils affecting nearby monsters only. And since trash mobs are easy to kill the Piercing Thunder node might not be that useful.

Shock reduces enemy lightning resistance.

With above answers the point reduce lighting nearby monter resist and the shock also in lighting pen so lighting penetration worth it against crit multipl?

To my understanding, penetration is a MORE modifier while crit multi will have diminished returns since your already at 300%+

ok so the critical point for crit multiplier is 300 i m close to it.
Does critical strike have the same break point ( including passive and stuff bonus)?

Just rough examples (if these are wrong please correct me)

100 damage hit with no penetration and 200% crit multi

100 x 200% = 300 damage hit

100 damage hit with 300% crit multi

100 x 300% = 400 damage hit (only 100 bonus damage or 33% increase)

100 damage hit with 200% crit multi and 50% penetration

(100 x 200%) x 50% = 450 damage ( So penetration offers a much larger bonus)

For the formulas no you cant type them like that in a calculator I left the % that way to match them up.

ok so in the formula penetration is applied after all modifier .
As i ve seen hit in amu you have only 8 % max and 40 %CM with the formula makes it better (even at 30%) if i understood well .

Penetration should be added last since you are penetrating with ALL your lightning damage and DA converts all damage to Lightning so in theory it should be exactly how it works.

with this formula
100 x 200% = 300 damage hit
adding max 9 % penetration it makes 327 damage
now with 30%CM more in amu
100 x 200% = 330 damage hit
if these assumptions are correct u need at least 10% to make it worth it .
The thing to look after is a decreasing formula after 300% CM that will change the result

You’re wrong, the crit multi figure is a straight multiplier (200% = x2), not “increased” (200% = x3). Therefore, the 300% crit multi would give you 300 damage compared to 200, for a 50% increase which would be equivalent to the 50% penetration.

Im a little confused by this as i did use it as a multiplier. You say 300% crit multi gives 300 not 200 but thats exactly what i showed.

This shows a 300 damage increase? where did i go wrong? i need your formula lol.

Nope, read the bit you quoted. “200% = x2, not 200% = x3”. When normal people say a 200% increase, that’s your x3, however that’s not how the devs have implemented crit multi in LE. IMO they should change it to say “x2” & as you get more crit multi that increases the multiplier.