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Little ninja nerf to SSF?

Not a major issue, but something I thought I’d just mention, in case it was unintentional.

I play exclusively SSF, because I like to build each of my characters in isolation, and not have a massive stash of built up items waiting for me.

I typically use gambling to fill gaps in my gear, especially at lower levels.

With this patch, it seems that all gambling cost scaling has been removed. Previously, a lot of items would scale in cost depending on my level, meaning that at lower levels, I could go and gamble myself some silver rings to increase my movement speed, and maybe find some nifty stats on there to boost my damage or defenses.

Now, this is not a huge gripe or anything, but I just checked the gambling on a new lvl 10 character, and silver rings are now just base 2400 gold. This is for an example.

My one thing is that this makes gambling essentially useless until much later on. It typically takes a few gambles to actually find something useable, which now will not really be feasible until far later on in the game.

Now I totally agree that 50g for a silver ring, previously, was VERY low, but it does feel a bit overblown to boost it straight up to 2400g at lvl 10.

I could swear that gambling prices scaled with your level previously, which rings for some reason just didn’t. Was this intentionally made a static number? Just curious about this.

Again, not really a complaint, it just slows down early game gearing for SSF specifically. Likely won’t affect anyone playing with a shared stash at all.

Gambling was changed in today’s patch. This was intended and is detailed in the patch notes.

I know it was changed in today’s patch, but I mean that I must have miss-interpreted the patch notes. I thought that the cost increase to gambling would maintain the level scaling that was previously in place (so for example, silver rings would SCALE to eventually cost 2400, not cost that straight at the start).

That’s why I was looking for clarification as to whether the scaling was intentionally or accidentally removed.

iirc, they didn’t got scaled with characterlevel. they are scaled with character level-dependency of the base type

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Oh ok, gotcha. Sorry, I misunderstood. (FWIW I read the opposite and assumed it meant these would start at 2400, which is why I replied it was intended. I’m happy to be corrected if I’m wrong!)

In the past a lot of people thought gold isn’t valuable and of no use. On top of that gambling was to cheap for some others. Now these players got what they wanted. Without beeing several hundret hours into the game at 50 mil gold gambling is now realy expensive and maybe less used in the future.
When the Basar and MP hits the deck gambling might die instantly because its cheaper to by the worst unique for ~10x the price there then gambling for it.

Well, in a shared stash the prices are fine, but my point is that I play SSF, and that makes a huge difference. I can’t afford to even gamble a single item until lvl 13 or 14, (at least jewelry/relic items). Random low lvl armors are ok, but some items seem far more expensive than they should be. Silver rings are a lvl 1 item, but cost 2400, for example (yes, I know that’s because there are uniques at high lvls that use them as a base item).

My point isn’t that it’s expensive, the point is that it actually makes SSF more challenging (which I don’t necessarily mind too much).

Expensive silver rings is the best thing that happened. Aboreal unique rings are veeeeery potent in low levels.

.8.1 completely took away gambler as an option to get upgrades while leveling for me. My exactly thought after doing a couple hc ssf runs is, “this costs so much money now it actually feels like I’m actually gambling” then I was like ohhhhhhh maybe that is the point lmao.

Before the gambler on ssf hc felt like a more convenient shop keeper with access to all items at all times. Now I have myself picking either to spend my gold on shattering runes or a piece in the shop or actually risking my leveling earnings at a chance for a upgrade.

As much as this change really adjusted how I think about ssf, I think nerfing gambler was a good idea. I instead now focus on looking at the shop keepers more and focusing on shattering drops I get. I think that is OK. I feel like now the gamblers “power” it gives to getting items are pushed back to monolith progression where you can keep up with the item costs easier.

My only suggestion is that find good bases now and praying for good rng shattering drops / shop keeper rng feels pretty rough. If we had some bind-to-player shattering runes (that sell for nothing) that dropped from a first encounter mini bosses or given as quest rewards it would really help the gearing curve whole leveling in ssf so it doesn’t feel so painful.

This possible change would also help new players who might not have made the most optimal defensive choices and have to make changes half way through leveling.


At first i was a bit surprised by this change too, and felt it was a bit too steep a price change (used to gamble Arboreal curcuit for all my ssf chars), and by the time i finished campaign i could easily gamble for all the gear needed for monos all at once.
But now that ive played a bit of the patch i actually really like the change, as it makes me search for items instead of just gamble them, and i like going to shop keeper instead to see if he refreshed hes stash.
Its also gonna be so much more exiting finding the uniques instead of mindlessly gambling them.

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