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Linux install

Hello All
I purchased the game on steam a few days ago and installed it through that because I saw that Last Epoch has native support for Linux. I saw that the steam version installed the windows client and I needed to use proton (Proton GE 6.9) to play the game. Unfortunately I’ve been experiencing some crashes especially if I use my 2nd monitor to look-up some information while in game.
So I’ve found out that I have to use the stand alone client to use the native linux version of the game but when I downloaded the Linux installer it provided me with a windows executable. Now I can run this through wine but I don’t see how that would be any different than using the steam client.
Where can I get the proper native Linux client what is the repository for the install?
Edit: Is there a set of instructions?

Hey. Welcome to the forums…

(note, I dont use Linux to play LE but here is some info)

  • Proton has problems.

  • LE does not support Wine to run the Windows version.

  • The linux launcher is available from - scroll down the page - I just downloaded the linux one and it definitely doesnt include a windows exe.

Thank-you for the assistance. I believe the steam version may install the Linux version. When I forced proton the game re-downloaded a part of the game files and my save disappeared. When I removed this I went through the same process in reverse the save file appeared again but the save file from the forced proton use disappeared.
I guess I was mistaken or the information outdated that I read that you had to use the stand-alone client to run the game natively on Linux.
It’s running fine right now for the most part until I load too many zones and crash as it runs out of memory.

You could check out the LInux related articles on the EHG support site for more info… Its a little old now but something might apply.

I cannot really help much as I dont use Linux to play games but there are some entries in the forum (you can search) regarding performance and stability issues… Generally people seem to have success playing native linux through the launcher but there are some very specific issues related to gpu drivers, memory concerns and other things.

For stability - LE does have performance related issues that are generally mitigated by being conservative with your in-game settings… People on either windows/linux that experience crashes when loading new maps etc tend to find the game is much more stable if they dial back the settings… The most stable config (for either platform) seems to be 1080p, 60fps framerate limited (very importnt to have a limit) and all in-game settings on very low, disabled or the lowest option available… Obviously using that as a starting point that is stable and then increasing res & eyecandy etc to find a compromise between performance stability & visual quality…

QUESTION: can chars be migrated from the windows version to LINUX and where do they reside in LINUX? I’m moving over, just curious! Thanks in advance!@!

As far as I am am aware Yes… Its the same savegame files etc…

Havent personally tested it but thats what I have understood from people who have already done the migration or are using dual boot type configs or simply play on both OS on different machines.

Not sure how well Steam Cloud save works with the updating if you play on both OSs tho… (i.e. which becomes the primary Steam account and which the secondary).

On linux they should be in:
~/.config/unity3d/Eleventh Hour Games/

BTW… What linux distro are you considering… I have an older machine that still has some life in it that I am considering converting to Linux as a “test gaming on linux” machine… I was thinking of Pop!_OS because of its simplicity (the kids will probably use it) & efforts to support gaming out of the box.

I just started POP OS yesterday, it’s VERY good, recognizes ALL hardware that I have, got USB audio interface working with reaper, Steam/games works ‘OK’ (native still best), LE is my only game ATM so 90% of my time is outside Windows now. Try it, just shrink a second drive for room, clean install, switch OS IN BIOS, it’s SO easy. PM if you need help :slight_smile:

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great minds think alike…

I installed PoP on an old hp laptop last week and had the same smooth installation experience - especially re automatically installing the drivers etc - something that is not usually easy with laptops. Everything from the integrated webcam, discreet gpu , dvd writer and usb card reader all worked on the first boot… It runs very well so thats why I was considering putting on a better system to test for gaming.

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