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Lightning or no

Hi i have hard time figure out whats better for shurikens lighnting or not. it feels like i do less damage whit lightning then phys dmg or is the shock efect better then phys shred

Hey… There are not many Shuriken lightning builds out there - in fact, I couldnt find anything from this year… Most of the shuriken builds are bleed or poison - both physical ailments… There is however the Lightning Chakram build that is very viable and worth looking into… I tried it and it was OK and quite fun to play if a little lacking in survivability for my taste.

Maybe one of the more experienced guys can give a better answer for you…

Poison isn’t a physical ailment. It’s poison. It’s a bit Ronseal like that.

always count on you to correct me… I should start paying you a little stipend for the service…

I’ll email you an invoice.