[Lich] Ageless Ascetic still bugged


the Ageless Ascetic Passive node in the Lich skill tree still does not grant any Health Leech. A dev post from 2019 called a fix for this ‘next patch’, yet it still remains bugged.
Interesting tidbit: The passive node states ‘Health Leech: x%’, omitting the + sign used in other nodes (Health/Spell Leech: +x%’. Not sure if this is just purely an aesthetic typo on top of the bug.

How are you able to tell that it’s not providing any leech? From the below, Ageless Ascetic is leech on hit so would not show on the character sheet. If you have an Exsanguinous or Last steps of the living & only get your leech from Ageless Ascetic (& the Lich mastery bonus) you could see what happens to your hp after it’s stabilised from the chest/boots & you cast spells on the training dummy. If it’s not providing any leech then your hp won’t increase. Though you might need to use Soul Feast to damage the dummy (while not providing any health on hit like Rip Blood does).

Huh, interesting that it doesn’t show in the character sheet at all.
So basically this would mean my Harvest & Bone Curse hits give Life Leech through the node, despite not showing anywhere on the character sheet?

Thanks for the clarification, it seems like it would be a bit complicated to actually test for myself thoroughly, so I’ll just take your quoted post’s word for it.

Would be nice if the devs could figure out a way to make these systems a bit clearer.

Correct, as the character only shows generic leech, melee leech & spell leech, none of those are “leech on hit”… It’s the same for the Void Knight passive World Eater that provides melee leech (which does show on the character screen) & void leech (which doesn’t.

A proper skill/tooltip dps should do that. PoE’s isn’t perfect, but it’s orders of magnitude better than what we have a the moment.

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