Leveling alts faster

As the title states, its about leveling alts faster.
I feel terrible investing so much time for my 10th character while i want to try so many different things with wonky builds.

I don’t understand why i have to repeat that boring process in the campaign instead of skipping through as much as possible. Now i often stop playing because of it.

Campaign skipping:
I love that this game has campaign skipping sort of trough dungeons.
This seems to be nerfed however since the level of the dungeons seem higher/harder than before. I might be wrong tough but i can’t handle it while having a lot of damage and good leveling uniques/gear.

Any tips?
And what are you guys thoughts? do you also tend to stop faster because you have to level again where you would still play if adding a new one faster would be more easy?

Btw iam talking about second and third and 10th characters. NOT the first playthroughs. Hence not even the first few. I def would try and play every class and every ascendancy if it wasnt for the much time to invest in leveling again. Just let me tinker around with wanky buids please EHG xD


I personally like the journey of leveling a new character. I dont do the dungeon skip because its a weird concept. And i enjoy to see how my char progresses through story/early monolith. The only thing that bothers me is once i hit empowered to farm the right blessing for the build again. Personally thats the worst aspect currently in the game for me.


Forcing us to play campaign (by passive points and idol slots) over and over again is a bad design in my opinion. No matter how wonderful the campaign, there is always a point where you’re fed up. Be it 2nd playthrough, 5th or 15th.
Other routes should be available to us to level up and unlock points and slots, 2 ideas:

  • on the arena
  • monoliths of fate

Maybe just unlock those points on new chars? It helps to level up, but doesn’t change anything for the endgame.

Sometimes i just go to monoliths just after specialization, as low as 15, and level up a bit to see if it’s possible for this build and sometimes it is. On my paladin i left monoliths around level 40 to finish unlocking points and slots.

I’ve never tried skipping through dungeons. Does it unlock points and slots for the skipped content? Otherwise i don’t see the point of it.


Nope, you don’t do the side quests, you don’t get the shinies.

I have never used Dungeons to level faster. I like the idea but I think it needs to shift more points and idols slots to be able to be unlocked via completing the dungeons. There are already more opportunities to get points than you can get. I would add 1-3 points and an idol slot behind each t1 dungeon so that it DOES make leveling faster and a legit strat for leveling.

Also they need to tune down T1 Dungeons so that level appropriate characters can reasonably complete them.

Alternatively, if level requirements were removed from gear that would mean that items can be the limiting factor for speeding new characters.

Just a few idea how Dungeons could be improved for their campaign skip functionality.

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It’s not for me, as I much prefer the journey rather than the destination, but if you want to go fast then I assume you’d want to learn from one of the best and that’s Terek. He has a bunch of videos on his YouTube account showcasing his various speedruns. I imagine there’s a lot of little things he does that can help improve your alt leveling speeds, or at least I hope there is. :sweat_smile:

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I agree. Having to level characters through the story each time is a drudge and repetitive. Especially since the story line lacks coherence. Not being rude but
Ive played over 300 hours and have no idea what the heck the story is about - its so disjointed and progress feels so slow. Something about time travel and dinosaurs and purple things. And of course Lagon who one shots me. thats it.

Be great if we had an option to level alts up faster especially as we can reroll masteries. So we need 3 damn alts per character type in order to really explore the builds (and build diversity and exploration is why i play this game).

As an example, I had just levelled a new mage up to about 30 when the last patch came out. So either i had to start a new mage and do the exact same freaking things I had just done or simply not bother with the new runemaster build - so runemaster may as well not exists to me right now. Thats frustrating to me.


I actually wrote down all my tips here: Link

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i agree a about the weird concept. it feels like we want you to skip but actually not really sort of haha. i wish i had the same positive feeling youve got with the campaign. I like it, just not 3/4/5/6/7/8/9 times.

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Thanks a lot my dude!

thank you!


no and thats my whole problem with the “skipping”. it feels like a concept of we want you “sort of” to skip but not really if iam honest.

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Every attempt to incorporate dungeon skipping into runs up to empowered monoliths, t4 bosses etc… just time and again shows that you shouldnt use dungeon skips as a way to speed up your characters progression through the story. They’re implemented terribly for that

And like, not implemented badly for speeding up progression in the sense of they do something, but other things do more. In the sense that I don’t actually believe the devs intend them for that, no matter what they say, they’re not even remotely close to being worth considering. Campaign progression is about skill points and idol slots, dungeon skips are about waypoints, and +1 to all attributes. Neither of which matter.


The other problem is that if it’s your first character and you’re playing fewer than the 80-or-so hours it takes to get through Monolith / Empowered Monolith, you’re gonna miss out on a TON of drops. Any skips or speed-ups they incorporated would also have to give you nicer loot to compensate for the fact that you’re gonna end up at the end severely under-geared unless you’re just insanely lucky. And not even just equipment, either; you also won’t see the Glyphs of Despair and class-specific shards you’d need or want on a lot of builds.

Disagree with that, gear wasnt an issue when I was testing monos at lvl 30-32, even though most drops couldnt be equipped. And thats the level we’d generally be starting monos at if dungeon skips made sense (if we didnt skip before monos).

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What level / play time would that put you at for starting Empowered Monolith, assuming there were other skips and speed-ups you could use to get to them faster though? If you’re starting Empowered Monolith even 20 hours earlier than normal, for a lot of builds all that would mean is that they would start struggling at that point, and it would take more play time to catch up again.

The most annoying thing about that would be that it would discourage builds that don’t heavily benefit from Unique / Set drops from Monolith bosses, since that would be an even greater fraction of the total loot you had been guaranteed for the same play time.

starting empowereds now is like, 6 hours (based on the t4 race), if lvl 30 start was viable, you’d knock off like, 20-30 minutes imo. (its hard to quantify cus you have some power loss)

As for level, we need more races. I’m a firm believer that we’ve all been overlevelling. We just need more competition to actually see what level empowered mono start is

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I see. I’m assuming casual play. If people are making it through regular Mono’s that fast, I don’t even know how they’re doing that. In all six of my playthroughs, I don’t think I made it to level 100 in any less than 110 hours.

If killing enemies becomes worthwhile it might change, atm the majority of normal monos its literally not worth it to stop and cast abilities 99% of the time. It’s not really fun lol. But when it comes down to skipping stuff, the focus will be on whats optimal, so to some degree LE shouldnt really focus on making skips super good, cus then people will start seeing just how terrible the game is for going fast. Zooming through D4 is really fun for me, and its probably why I like it so much more. LE on the otherhand is very very fun when you take your time.

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You seem to be mixing things up, it’s not “normal” people doing that (empowered in 6 hours), it’s people who are really good at it, have practiced a lot and know exactly what they’re doing. It’s like comparing me going out for a jog once a week with a friend at work to Usain Bolt…

Well this shouldnt have to be a problem perse, since you already could save up those items on your main character for your new one.

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