Leveling alts faster

just ignore him, 90% of his posts in the forums now are just finding reasons to complain about people having different opinions.

With minimal thinking, you can do what parts of campaign you need, in 3 hours. I brought a friend into the game for0.9 release, they got story done in just over 3 hours, The only work for that was me just going through it, telling them bits to remember, quests to ignore etc… Then they got through normal monos in, iirc, around 7 hours following that. They’d never set foot in monos before.

I get the desire for dungeon skips to be better, and i get the desire for less campaign being needed. However if the main reasons for them are just ‘its too slow and a slog atm’, then the solution already exists, which is honestly just ‘go faster’. The campaign isnt slow, its incredibly fast, if it takes ages the problem is on your end not the games to be perfectly blunt.

Making skips better and making less campaign needed would be good in the sense that it would change up how new characters feel to progress, right now you do the same thing on every new character, for a long time, and it’s really really uninteresting, it’s just running through the motions (literally, so little killing, so much just running), but those motions are pretty quick.

Now if you dont want to zoom, thats also cool, but then that doesnt really track with comments about wanting it to be faster and not a slog.

Yeah, me too, that’s why I don’t find “just speedrun betta LoLzor” a particularly satisfying answer to the “I don’t enjoy running through the campaign, can we have a skip please” question.


nice that goes both ways. get the hell of this thread bye o/ shut the door behind you. :upside_down_face:

I really like this answer, i will get into this later to get through it quicker. I really would love to try way more wonky (probably bad) builds with probably unoptimal interactions but fun to me haha ;). Do you happen to have a video or someone else on youtube who is giving great tips about this?

Yeah your right i should and i will from now on.

Hey ! Can you help me understand why and how the campaign is so painful / boring for you ? I know it’s a common opinion, here and elsewhere (like in PoE)… and I guess i’m the odd one for thinking the opposite. For me, it’s a quick and refreshing change of pace; instead of the grind of hundreds (if not thousands) of 30 seconds monoliths + 10 seconds loading screen, it’s bigger maps with a few objectives or destinations. It’s a nice 3 hours cruise (without trying to race it) with very noticable power spikes (when you get your first good rare item, when you get a juicy passive node, etc.). Dialogs can be a bit annoying, sure, but there are so easy to skip (4 clicks and ciao!). Monoliths are sooo repetitive that I really like rerolling a new character. My only grief with the campaign is that it’s way too easy. I miss the masochist option and can’t wait to get it back.

I have a similar opinion in PoE; unlike the majority, I like the campaign in fresh leagues. But there, it’s more like a race, optimizing everything and trying to get to maps (or yellow maps) in the first day of the league. It’s my favorite moment of the league. It’s still less important and emphasized there because of the variety of endgame content in PoE… but here, since monolith is the biggest chunk of late game content and that’s almost all you will do forever and ever with your character, the campaign seems a welcome little variety preceding it.

So, can you please explain in detail what exactly you dislike that much in campaign ? Why this first 1% to 10% of the playthrough of a character is so painful ?

Maybe the solution should be to make the campaign more enjoyable for everyone, instead of cutting content ?

Not my thread, but i will comment on this one.
For me the campaign was fun. The first time. Even a bit a second and third time. After that i know it. It’s linear and has near zero replay value. That’s why it’s boring. Comparing to monoliths, they’re random. Whole tree is random and always different, always “new”.
For me another problem of the campaign is that it is enforced on us. For me it isn’t about making campaign more interesting, because it will get boring again after enough times. For me it is about giving us more alternatives to get stuff currently locked behind campaign (idol slots and passive points).
Maybe even unlock it on certain levels. Maybe monolith’s blessings should be available in some alternative way, because it is the same problem, locking important aspect of character build behind one exclusive aspect of the game.

Pretty much.

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Terek - YouTube

Best speedrunner for campaign stuff by a significant amount.

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this exactly. Beside that iam the type of player who doesnt like to push high monoliths.
I love to tinker with wonky combinations with every ascendancy of every class untill i find something unique/interesting. I love testing them in monoliths since its more fun to me and i can choose rewards etc. Like Apohawk says the first time whas fun the second and third not so much.

I just had the 10th character playtrough and i just rush everything to get to monoliths. Thats not fun to me. I dont like leveling in POE aswell. The difference however is that i can reroll the ascendancys so i can save a lot of time.

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